how-to-wash-makeup-brushesYou probably don’t wash your brushes enough, but do know how to wash makeup brushes properly?

There’s more to it than cleanliness. You want to make sure that you wash them without ruining them in the process!

This post from will tell you exactly how you should be washing your makeup brushes. Enjoy!


When it comes to painting a canvas, you need high-quality brushes. In makeup, you need awesome makeup brushes. Makes sense, right? But just like with any tool, they need tender lovin’ care and you better give that to your makeup brushes. Otherwise, they will cast a spell on you that will make your face breakout!

So, here’s how to properly clean your brushes to make sure they are bacteria-free and that you stay zit-free!

Are you ready to get your hands dirty? Let’s go!

Step 1
Get your hands on Dawn anti-bacterial dishwashing soap, olive oil, a plate and some paper towels. Makeup gurus recommend using Dawn dish soap for its powerful degreasing properties.

Step 2
Pour in some liquid soap and then pour olive oil on the other side. Do you see that part where the soap and oil meet? Swirl your makeup brush there and swirl some more until you feel you’ve got enough product in there.
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Makeup brush cleansing mat for your sink!

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*This is one method of cleaning your brushes. I recommend using actual makeup brush cleaner instead of dish soap and olive oil. It’s okay if you’re in a jam, but one bottle of makeup brush cleaner will go a long way!

Here are some of my favorite makeup brush and sponge cleaners:

  • Ulta Beauty- Makeup Brush & Sponge Cleaner
  • IT Cosmetics- Brush Bath
  • IT Cosmetics- Brush Love
  • Bare Minerals- Quick Change

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