When shopping for skincare products, many of us make it a priority to to avoid chemicals and additives- for many reasons, with the primary likely an aversion to health consequences. That said, if you’ve never taken a look at your own beauty regime- do you know what is in the products you put on your skin, hair, nails, and body? Have you ever taken a few minutes out to investigate?

While we are not advocating alarm right off the bat, if you’re concerned about what you may be exposing yourself to, here are a few guidelines on how to navigate the often complex world of “natural” beauty products.

Skin Care Hacks

Naturally Beautiful Skincare – Tips and Hacks for Great Skin Created By: Ogle School

Be Cautious of “Organic” and “Natural” labels

Beauty items are similar to food products in that they require regulation to gain an organic certification. However, terms can be tricky: “Natural” has no strict definition. Anything can be labeled “natural” without regulation.

The term “Organic,” however, does have measurably rigid stipulations: The federal government states that ingredients must be 95% organic. There are many ways to slither around this, though. For example, in many cases, the active ingredients—which pose the greatest potential for harm—actually make up 5% or less of the product. That means, in order to “game” the system, a product can be bloated with a non-reactive organic substance in order to gain the official organic stamp.

The takeaway here? Research all ingredients in your product before buying. Read on for details on how to do this effectively. Read More…

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  2. While purchasing the products we should take care of organic and natural products. We should buy the organic products instead of natural one’s as they are not as effective as organic.

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