Yes! I’ve had long hair and very short hair…and everything in-between. It’s not about the pros and cons of having short vs. long hair…necessarily.

The regret usually comes along because the new cut(whether it be short or just plain bad) was a result of an impulse decision. Maybe you just went through a big life change, so you make the mistake of changing something else…your hair. This is so common and I do my best to prevent these bad decisions when clients make quick appointments and attempt hasty decisions!

I Regret Cutting My Hair


In this example I went short on a whim! There was a guest artist from Paul Mitchell The School in LA and he needed 3 volunteers…of course, he chose me because my hair was long! I didn’t regret it, but no one could cut it as well as he did!


This time I decided to cut my hair because I was going through a lot in my life. It was a great cut, but I shouldn’t have done it. I’m still growing it out, but that’s okay! Hair grows back and don’t forget that!

In case you were wondering- my hair is long again and I’m definitely not cutting it anytime soon. That’s partly because I know what it’s like to grow my hair out, but mostly because having a bad short haircut is even worse! Few people are really great at short haircuts, and even fewer are spectacular. The stylists that I trust don’t live nearby, and I don’t want to deal with a bad haircut trying to find someone.

So, you regret cutting your hair and you need help coping. Here’s how I got through my worst haircut decisions:

First, you need to make yourself feel better.

Wear makeup. If you haven’t bought any in a while, get some new makeup. I usually splurge on a good mascara, bronzer, and lip gloss.

Wear cute earrings, necklaces, etc. If your hair is really short then you definitely need some earrings! They will add some sparkle to your style and you’ll feel more feminine!

Second, you need to find a way to like your hair.

This may seem nearly impossible right now. That’s okay, because it’s not.

When I was 24 I had shoulder length hair and it looked great. I got a “wild hair” and decided that an asymmetrical bob was a good idea. It is…if the person cutting it knows what they’re doing. The fellow stylist that cut my hair obviously had no clue. It did not “flow”, there were no gradual angles, and it was more of a bluntly cut…uneven haircut.

What did I do? I definitely did not get it cut again! That’s what most people do, and that’s a mistake! I got my curling iron out, some bobby pins, etc. and I played with it. For the next 6 months or so I wore my hair back. I just curled it a tad and pulled back the sides with bobby pins, then stuck some flowers in it. I would love to share photos of this, but they are hard to find because I probably didn’t want to take pictures of it!

So…find a way to style your hair…and like it.

Third, don’t make any more changes.

Refrain from coloring your hair…especially drastic changes! A lot of people do that after a regrettable hair cut, and you will only hate it more. If anything, just get a few face framing highlights. Brightening up your look always helps when you’re feeling down about your hair!

Don’t get a haircut for at least 6 months. I know that everyone tells you that frequent trims help your hair to grow faster. This is true…if you have split ends. Let it grow a bit before you get a trim!

Lastly, be patient and never forget this experience!

After your hair grows out…the next time you think about doing something drastic…remember this moment!

It’s hard to be patient while you wait for your hair to grow out. That’s why pinning it back is perfect! You forget how short your hair is…and you are pleasantly surprised with the length when you finally decide to try wearing it down again. It worked for me on several bad hair occasions and it will work for you too!

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4 Responses to I Regret Cutting My Hair

  1. RON says:

    You are model beautiful with long hair, Erika!

  2. Jennifer Werner says:

    Totally going through regret from an 8 inch chop last week. I was bored and it was completely impulsive. My husband bummed that I cut it, coworkers like, “Ohhh, uh you cut your hair?” – as they look the other way. Peoples initial reactions really add to the remorse. But changing my internal perspective like you said, really helped, thank you!

    • Erika says:

      As I went down the list of comments to approve/reply to…I saw yours and instantly felt your pain! It was as if a little haircut anxiety cloud popped up out of nowhere, and then I got a mental flash of haircuts’ past PTSD and it was REAL.

      I know how it is when you get bored or you get the “itch” to make a change. I think the reason why most people turn to altering their image is because there aren’t many options that will satisfy those thoughts and impulsive feelings(of which you can go do on the same day and is justifiably affordable).

      Sometimes it works out…sometimes it doesn’t. Most of the time, if it doesn’t work out to your liking, it’s because acting on a whim leads us to go out of our comfort zones. When you can’t get in right away with the hairstylist you trust or you go to Sally Beauty without a plan or even the slightest thought on what you want to do….that change might turn into instant regret.

      The good news is that you’ll never forget these feelings and this experience….maybe next time you’ll be a little more cautious(or maybe you won’t….because I’ve been through this several times). If you’re still not feeling your haircut…make sure you’re loving your makeup or do other things to boost your confidence. You’ll soon forget about how much you wish you hadn’t cut your hair, and you may even find a way to like it!

      Don’t forget…bobby pins are YOUR FRIEND!!!!


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