Just as some fields of work were once reserved exclusively for men, the field of cosmetology used to be viewed as a women-only zone. Times are changing, though—increasingly large numbers of men are enrolling in cosmetology schools across the nation.

Now that the beauty industry is roaring, talent is no longer limited by gender. Some of the most successful makeup artists and hairdressers in the world are men, and the sky is now the limit.

Cosmetology for Women and Men

Cosmetology: Not Just for Women Anymore by Ogle School – An infographic by the team at Ogle School of Hair, Skin & Nails

A Legacy of Greatness

Iconic male figures aren’t hard to find in the beauty industry. In fact, some of the most cutting-edge beauty products to hit the market were invented by men, including laser treatments that actually stimulate collagen growth. This isn’t really news, though—men have been rocking the world of cosmetology for a very long time.

In 1914, Max Factor, a young Polish peddler of wigs, hair products, and cosmetics, created a revolutionary alternative to the thick, clownish makeup being slapped on the faces of Hollywood’s silent film stars. He went on to work with legendary starlets such as Jean Harlow, Bette Davis, and Judy Garland.

Then, around 1955, Vidal Sassoon, a former political activist, began honing the only craft he knew: Hairdressing. By imitating the upper-class accents of London’s high society crowd, he gained high-profile clients, and by 1963 he was known worldwide for his groundbreaking, modern hairstyles. He went on to work with some of the world’s most famous females, including Rita Hayworth and Mia Farrow. Read More…

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2 Responses to Cosmetology for Women and Men

  1. I thought it was cool that a large number of men are starting to go into cosmetology school. In an occupation that used to be primarily for women, men are making a change and giving a new point of view. I think that beauty school is one of the most important skill learning schools. Knowing how to cut hair and how to take care of yourself can take you far in life. http://cannellabeautyschools.com/

    • Erika says:

      I was in school with a few men! One of them was amazing and had a natural talent for cosmetology. Another one seemed like he should be working on cars and I think someone just dared him to do it.

      The third guy was an older gentleman that owned several other types of businesses, but wanted to open/own a salon. He went to cosmetology school because he felt that he should know the business from a stylists perspective before owning a salon…very smart man and we all respected him so much for it! He did the 18 month program(Mon-Fri 5-9pm)…now that’s a dedicated businessman!

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