Is your Quinceañera coming up? It’s an exciting life event, and it’s your time to shine! You want to look flawless, so these Quinceañera beauty tips from Ogle School are just what you need to prepare for the big day!

Quinceañera Beauty Tips


For modern American women, meaningful rites of passage are few and far between- their wedding days often represent the only formal ceremonies they’ll ever experience. For some young women, though, the currents of rich and ancient traditions continue to run powerfully through their culture, religion, and lifestyle. Quinceañeras are not only historically significant, but also offer young women a chance to celebrate their heritage through fashion, beauty, and elaborate rituals.


Quinceañera: Tips for the Other Big Day – An infographic by the team at Ogle School of Hair, Skin & Nails

The Makeup

Makeup truly is a form of self-expression, and on a day special as your quinceañera, why not express your inner beauty by enhancing your outer beauty?

You want your skin to look glowing and healthy. To achieve that look, you need to understand your skin undertone, moisture level, and sensitivity. Consult with a professional makeup artist to help you find the right shade and composition to create the perfect look for your skin.

Dozens of possibilities exist right at your fingertips, but looks that are classic and elegant, bronzed and beachy, or dramatic and edgy all make for great jumping-off points. If timeless, Hollywood glamour appeals to you, try deep red lips, shimmery neutral beige eyeshadow, black winged eye liner, fluttery false lashes, and a touch of subtle pink blush on the apples of your cheeks.

If you’re drawn to more of a girly, beach babe vibe, try shimmering golden eyeshadow, bronzer blended under your cheekbones, pink glossy lips, and a few coats of lengthening mascara.

To turn up the drama with smoldering, mysterious beauty, try lightly filled-in brows, sparkling dark brown eyeshadow smudged into your upper and lower lash lines, deep copper eyeshadow on your lids, and a few coats of jet black mascara.

Don’t wait until the morning of your big day to debut your makeup, though—do a few test runs in the weeks leading up to your quinceañera. This will give you a chance to decide what you do and don’t like, discover which products work for you, and get helpful feedback from your family and friends. Read More…

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  1. Laurie says:

    Great infographic, very informative. There is a lot that goes into planning a Quinceañera. Thanks for sharing!

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