I use 3-5 different eye makeup brushes to apply shadows. Sometimes I only use 1 or 2, but that’s for a quicker or daytime look.

You should have one brush for each purpose.

That’s one for highlighting lightly, one for contouring, one for blending, etc. Don’t get me wrong…eyeshadow applicators come in handy from time to time. I always have a little container of them in my makeup bag for emergencies!

Why You Need Eye Makeup Brushes

You won’t be mixing shadows with the same brush.

Some people use one basic eyeshadow brush and dab it on a towel in-between colors(if at all). If you do that a lot you’ll be putting shades where they don’t belong. By using one brush for each purpose you won’t be mixing the wrong colors and sweeping them across your entire eyelid.

Even if you switch colors…you probably stick to neutrals and light shimmers for highlighting, for example…it’s okay if those shades mix up a little because they’re all in the same family. You don’t want to mix your contouring shades with your highlighting shades!

Your eyeshadow will be easier to apply.

After using eyeshadow brush for so many years it almost feels awkward if I have to use an eyeshadow applicator. It’s hard to contour with and if you’re not careful it can create some harsh lines that will be more difficult to blend in.

If you learn how to use the right brushes for each step it will be so much easier and you’ll never go back! Here’s a short guide to my favorite eyeshadow brushes.

Your finished look will be much prettier!

If you’re beyond your teenage years then you should be using eye makeup brushes already. Of course, I don’t expect that everyone does this.

Some people are just used to what they’ve always done and changing it up is a bad idea. My mom is probably one of those people, but her eyeshadow is always on point.

You can do more with brushes than you can with an eyeshadow applicator…that’s why it’s easier and gives you a better result. I recommend trying them out on the weekends or after work if you don’t feel comfortable with switching cold turkey!

💋 A few extra tips about eye makeup brushes:

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