Are you interested in permanent makeup 3D microblading? Whether you want to keep up with the latest trends in our ever-changing industry, or expand your service list to cater to a larger client base…this information will help you grow!

Evon’s Beauty College is located in Southern California and is only a short 34 mile drive from Los Angeles. They offer a wide variety of classes from the basics to certified training courses as well as their popular 3D microblading & permanent makeup seminars!

If your goal is to become a certified makeup artist then this 3D microblading seminar is a must! You’ll learn the best kept secrets of the pros in permanent makeup and 3D microblading, how to become a permanent makeup professional, regulations related to the industry, and much more.


The makeup seminar is held at Evon’s Beauty College in Garden Grove, CA and admission is free! All you have to do is give them a call to reserve your spot.

They offer wine, tea, and various snacks so pick a date and get ready for a fun afternoon! For a preview of one of their permanent makeup classes click here to watch a short clip!


Evon’s Permanent Makeup Training:


Evon’s Permanent Makeup Training:


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7721 Garden Grove Blvd


Garden Grove, CA


Click here to reserve your spot today!

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