It’s not everyday that you wonder how to get a vintage star look, but it could come in handy! Vintage TV stars are forever-famous, and you might need some tips for pulling off one of these looks this Halloween. Here’s a great infographic with tips on how to get vintage star looks from Ogle School!

Included are step-by step instructions for how to look like these vintage TV stars:

  • Lucy Ricardo- I Love Lucy
  • Morticia Addams- The Addams Family
  • Jeannie- I Dream of Jeannie
  • Ann Marie- That Girl
  • Jill Munroe- Charlies Angels
  • Chrissy Snow- Three’s Company

How to Get a Vintage Star Look


Vintage TV programs are fun to watch, but they can also serve a useful purpose as a source of beauty inspiration! The next time you’re watching old late-night sitcoms, check out these lovely leading ladies and their rocking classic/retro hairstyles. Could one of them work for you? If you’re tempted to try a retro look, here are our tips to adapt their vibes.

How to get that Vintage Star Look Created By: Ogle School

Lucy Ricardo (I Love Lucy)

Lucy has defined the term “redhead” for decades. Her signature flaming locks are worn up in a curly pompadour that expresses the flavor of the ‘50s. You don’t have to be a natural redhead to assimilate some of Lucy’s sass: The actress actually dyed her hair its arresting, trademark shade.

If you want to look like Lucy, part the front third section of your hair from the back. Pull the back into a ponytail. Divide the front section into three sections. Curl each section around two or three fingers, and pin to your head in a pompadour. Curl the ponytail with a curling iron and twist into a bun. Read More…

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to get these vintage TV star looks!

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