I thought my eyebrows were good…until today. So, this is kind of a follow up from my past post- Perfect Eyebrows 101! After you read this check out this eyebrow color matching guide for eyebrows that wow!

Today our Benefit Arch Expert needed a “guinea pig” for an eyebrow appointment. I hadn’t had my brows waxed in about 4 months, but I didn’t think she would be able to to much with them. I’m an obsessive tweezer, so even though my brow shape needed some work…I didn’t have any stragglers.

Even if your eyebrows look okay because you attempt to maintain them yourself…there’s still “fuzz” above and below your actual eyebrow. I figured that was the only thing our Arch Expert was going to wax, but I was so wrong!


Eliminating the almost invisible fuzzy hairs around your eyebrows is just as important. Your makeup will look cleaner and go on so much better. When I got my last eyebrow wax in March the lady didn’t even want to do it, and I said-

“There’s still little fuzzies, lets do it!”

Eyebrows That Wow

The Benefit Brow Bar experience is unlike any other when it comes to facial waxing. If you haven’t seen an Arch Expert yet, you need to! The brow bar is the perfect place to start if you want eyebrows that wow.

They’ll start by mapping out your brows and show you the difference between what you have and what you can achieve. Then, your arch expert will apply some de-puffing eye cream and get started with your wax! If you need any enhancements they will fill in and shape with Benefits new brow products.

Eyebrow specialists are licensed cosmetologists that have a passion for brows and enjoy helping people achieve the look they’ve always wanted. You’ll get so much more than just a wax!

Here’s a photo of my eyebrows after Elizabeth shaped them to perfection:


Here’s what she used on my brows:

If you don’t live near an Ulta Beauty check out this Eyebrow Color Chart to find which brow color will look best on you. A little color goes a long way when it comes to your brows! You’ll probably need a little help with how to shape your eyebrows as well, but if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself you should consult with your stylist first!

People always ask me about their eyebrows. I began to realize that brows are a big deal, and many of us are self conscious about them when it comes to color, shape consistency, thinning, etc. Check out this clip that I recorded for you while watching TV last night(I was excited because they referenced the brow bar the same day I got my brows done!). Looks like everyone wants eyebrows that wow….even men!

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