For those of you that suffer from spot baldness or other extreme hair loss issues, going to the salon may not be as exciting as it is for others. Styling your hair is probably a daily struggle, and you don’t even think about getting an up-do with alopecia.

The good news is that hairstylists are more aware of these conditions because people are starting to ask questions. You have options. Most of my clients with alopecia seem to have little hope no matter how much I reassure them that I can work with what hair they have. Spot baldness/hair loss can be an ever-changing situation so it’s important to find a stylist you trust that will listen to your concerns, hair & health history, etc. and spend time with you to help you reach your goals.

Up-do with Alopecia

Today I’m sharing before and after photos of a formal wedding hairstyle, but this one isn’t like the others I’ve shared. This client didn’t think I could give her a beautiful up-do with alopecia.

She came to see me the evening before her friends wedding(she was the maid of honor), and I could tell that she was less than optimistic about what I could do with her hair. She was asking about glazes, coloring, extensions, etc. I told her not to worry, but I felt as though she still left with doubts.

The next day the bridal party arrived and she had a great attitude…she decided to trust me and see what happens! Needless to say, she was bursting with excitement when she saw her hair and it was hard for everyone to hold back the tears.

Here are her before and after photos:

I used hair extensions by HAIRDO, Redken Shine Mist, Redken Align Smoothing Balm, and Redken’s Fashion Work & Control Addict hairsprays to complete this look! If you suffer from alopecia or other types of hair loss(like those that used WEN shampoo)…find a hairstylist that cares. It’s the first step, and a very important one if you want to love your hair again. Schedule a complimentary consultation with a reputable stylist. After 10-15 minutes of conversation you will know if that person is going to do their best to help you with your hair!

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