are-full-bangs-for-meAre full bangs for me? I get dozens of e-mails every week asking this very question. About 80% of those who ask me for advice on whether or not they should get bangs will do it even if I suggest that it probably won’t work out based on their hair type, styling routine, etc.

So, when I got this e-mail I felt the need to go more in depth about why she should or shouldn’t get bangs. I think everyone that’s torn about what direction to go with their hair can benefit from this.

The majority of what I write about are thoughts that all hairstylists have, but they just don’t have time to go that far into it(That’s what a 15 minute complimentary consultation is for…prior to your actual appointment). That’s the beauty of this blog- it might not be instant, it might not be the response you want, but if you ask for my advice I will tell you the truth along with the “why’s/why not’s”.

**If you have a good stylist and you express your concerns then they will book a little extra time to talk(but it’s best to do it the day or week before if you can). Talk about what you want and trust your hairstylists advice!

Are Full Bangs for Me?


Here’s a great reader Q&A about full bangs!

Hi Erika!

I’m hoping you cold shed some light to my current hair dilemma, you see I have naturally wavy hair with perpetual side bangs that’s thick and I style it on a regular basis, I’ve always wanted Zoey Deschanel bangs or like some of those korean bangs/fringes but my stylists are all against it! Please help? Are full bangs really not for me? 😭



Here’s my response:



I think you should shorten your side bangs rather than go for a “full/straight across” bang or fringe. I’m just going off of your photo, but does your part stay on that side? Is it usually best styled if you use the same part everyday?

If so…then a side bang is your only option, in my opinion. It will always look best and be the easiest type of bang for you to manage.

I’m a side bang only type and I’ve had full bangs 3 times. Once when I was little(and that looked good but our hair changes from childhood), once in 5th grade(3rd-5th grade is a transitionary time for kids hair), and once in 7th grade when I wanted the big round bangs like the girls in seventeen magazine(ugh…lol).

Long story short…I’ve had the itch, tried it, hated it, learned my lesson…said I’d never do it again…did it again(so repeat the process)!

I’ll be 29 on 10-10-2016 and I’ve FINALLY learned the lesson about bangs. I’ve had no bangs or side bangs for 15+ years now because I know it works for me. Luckily, I was into hair at an early age so I experimented with hair cuts in middle school, box color in highschool, etc. Then I started testing the limits with my “future professional” level of haircolor knowledge on myself, my classmates, and our trusting clients at RKA Paul Mitchell School.

Whether it’s bangs, drastic cuts, or spontaneous hair color, I know how it is to get an “itch” to make a change. Most people who have never tried something similar or are just starting to try new things with their hair will want to try it. They may think about it for a few days, several weeks, or months. Some people have to see for themselves, and some don’t. It just depends which one you are 🙂

I hope this helps! I kinda got carried away with my response, but I don’t always explain all of this…then a week later I get an e-mail saying-

“I know you said not to do it, but I just couldn’t help it.

How do I grow out my bangs?”

It’s funny because I’ve been there, but I don’t want others to have to learn the hard way! Thanks for reading and let me know what you decide to do!



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