White Elephant Gift Ideas

Everyone’s looking for the most unique white elephant gift ideas. The gift exchange game has become wildly popular over the years among coworkers, families, and friends….but it’s not as fun if everyone brings a boring gift!

My family has been doing the white elephant gift exchange for several years and my cousins always try to outdo each other. My dad usually brings a re-gift, someone always brings a sport or activity gift of some sort, and there are a few “primo” gifts that everyone wants.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, there’s always a huge stack of lotto scratch tickets hidden in a really crappy gift….what a catch-22!

In recent years one of my cousins started incorporating riddles and clues into our white elephant gift exchange. It’s been fun, but last year my aunt officially banned riddles and puzzle boxes because they were getting quite challenging. Let’s just say the gift exchange lasted longer than the wine, and we can’t have that!

This year David and I came up with an even better tricky gift idea that doesn’t involve puzzle cubes, riddles, or clues….but I can’t tell you what it is until next week(who knows…my family might be reading this post 🙂 ). So, I wanted to share these ironically clever white elephant gift ideas with everyone in the mean time!


1. White Ceramic Elephant Pot with Tray


Perfect for succulents!


2. Elephant with Butterflies Up-cycled Art




3. Elephant Night Light


Perfect for kids and adults that like super cute stuff!


4. Elephant Organizer


Sits on your desk or mount it on the wall!


5. Elephant Watering Can


Yes….I have this one!


6. Elephant Ring Holder


So cute! Available in copper and silver!


7. Playful Elephant Wine Bottle Holder


For the adventurous wine drinker….


8. Adult Coloring Book of Elephants


Who doesn’t love coloring….elephants?


9. Geometric Elephant Pillow Case


White elephant pillow case….it matches everything….doesn’t it?


10. Elephant Head Wall Hook


Know someone with an unusual sense of style?

You may be thinking that I’m confused about what a “white elephant” gift exchange is, but that’s not the case! I find it mildly hilarious that some people bring an actual white elephant gift for the exchange! There’s nothing like choosing the literal route when you don’t know what else to bring! Happy Holidays, literally!

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