Snapchat filters have taken over…literally. When my contact at Ogle Schools sent me this infographic I knew I had to share it! These Snapchat filter makeup tutorials are hilarious and they just might come in handy sometime!

“I’ll just snap it to you”

A little sidebar…I’m fairly new to Snapchat and I still haven’t figured it out completely(or used it much), but my little sister pretty much forced me to download the app one day when I asked her to send me a photo and she said, “I’ll just snap it to you!”.

She didn’t know that I deleted the app because I never use it. I didn’t understand why she couldn’t just send the photo in a text. Naturally, that led to a huge discussion about how Snapchat is easier because you just send it really quick and it doesn’t take up space in your phone. I quickly agreed because she was overwhelming me with details that seemed irrelevant at the time.

My sister helped me to understand that millennials want things to be quick and easy(I’m a millennial, but just barely…she’s 22 and fits the description so much better than I do!). That being said, I know that it’s easier to just use a filter to look awesome, but let’s not lose our talents to technology! You can always do it better than your phone can 😉 .

Snapchat Filter Makeup Tutorials

Snapchat filters have become like digital makeup that we can easily don to reflect the moment and our mood. There’s no preparation needed because the technology does the work of creating the new persona.

The challenge comes when we want to bring that Snap style back into real life. This digital crossover happened at New York Fashion Week when the brand Desigual dressed its models in Snapchat couture.

Luckily, with some makeup tips and costume design guidance, you too can create the look of a real-life Snapchat filter.


Snapchat Filter Makeup Tutorials

How to Create Your Own Snapchat Filters Created By: Ogle School


Using a single butterfly template, trace and cut 8 to 10 butterflies from yellow paper. Add subtle markings on each butterfly’s wings and the butterfly body; you can use markers or paint in a shade of tan or pale orange. Once dry, attach adhesive rhinestones to your butterflies for added sparkle.

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