Everything changes with the seasons, and our hair, skin, and nails are often overlooked.

There’s so much to do at home, work, with family, decorating, etc. that we forget to take care of ourselves until something happens.


Your skin gets really dry, your hair becomes less manageable, and your usual moisturizer just isn’t enough. These winter hair care tips are a great place to start caring for yourself, so read up and start pampering!



Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter can be harsh on hair. The temperature drops, the cold wind whips up, and the air is either too wet or too dry. Usually, the result is scarecrow-esque hair; or hair that is so uncontrollably fly-away and static. It feels like it is trying to escape your head!

Unless you have your own personal hairstylist to give you a blow dry everyday, the colder months can cause endless amounts of hair frustration. Instead, follow these simple winter hair tips and you will have luscious locks right into spring.

A Deep Conditioning Treatment

Hair tends to be more dry in the winter due to the air lacking humidity indoors with central heating systems working in overdrive. Having a humidifier at home will counteract the dry air, and stop hair and skin from feeling so dry. Additionally, to keep the hair super moisturized, treat your hair once a week to a deep conditioning treatment.

Apply a conditioning hair mask or nourishing oil, like argan oil, and leave for an hour, or overnight, depending on the dryness of your hair. Rinse out thoroughly and be sure to use a heat defense spray before styling. If you have hair that is very thin or tends to be a little flat, you can use a small amount of shampoo after conditioning to ensure all the conditioner residue is washed out. This neat trick will stop hair from appearing lank, by removing the weight of product at the roots.

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