Winter weddings are on the rise and there’s one thing that I love about celebrating out of the typical warm weather wedding season!



Winter wedding hair doesn’t have to be different from the styles you would choose during the summer, but you do have more options.

I usually recommend a style that’s up completely or half down in the warmer months because humidity will kill your beautiful wedding hairstyle…guaranteed!

If you rock a gorgeous updo then you’ll know that it’s going to look great all day and night, but wearing your hair down is a tad risky.

We’ve had tons of appointments already this winter for wedding hair and makeup, so if you’re planning your wedding for cooler weather check out these winter wedding hairstyle ideas from Ogle School!


Winter Wedding Hair

The winter wedding season is upon us, and whether or not you ladies will admit it out loud, you’re going to that wedding to be noticed. If you’re the bridesmaid, a bridesmaid, or just a guest, you want to look your best, especially for those moments when the wedding photographer sneaks up on you. You’ve been practicing your “caught unawares” poses in the mirror for months. Well, with any of these winter wedding hairstyles, you will be ready for your close up.

Natural Waves

winter-wedding-hairFor the low maintenance brides and guests, natural wavy hair is a simple but beautiful option. Plus, it’s so easy to achieve without an expensive stylist and 1,000 bobby pins. The night before the wedding, apply a styling mousse to washed hair and rough dry without a brush. This will create body, as well as help the style hold throughout the wedding day.

On the morning of the wedding(exciting!), comb hair through and section before applying fat rollers. Spritz the rollers with a curling spray and heat all the rollers evenly with a hairdryer. Allow the rolled hair to cool completely while you’re applying your makeup to ensure that the curls set. Then simply wind out the rollers, separate the curls, and spritz with a finishing spray with shine. Complete the look with a floral crown or headpiece — beautiful and ethereal.

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