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If you have an uncontrollable makeup obsession like I do…then you know how expensive it is! Some of you may settle for the less expensive drugstore brands, but once you try prestige makeup you just can’t go back. That’s why I’m sharing 10 money saving makeup hacks from Ogle School!

If you want to spend money on the good stuff there are ways that you can cut costs and save money(without settling for Covergirl or Maybelline).

They also provide some very interesting tips using drugstore brands, faking false lashes, making your own nail polish, and so much more! I’ve only tried a few of these makeup hacks, so please share your thoughts in the comment section if you tried something that worked for you.

10 Money Saving Makeup Hacks

We invest a lot in our beauty regimens: from our time to our precious counter space to our hard-earned dollars. But like everything, there are a few time-honored tips and tricks that can help you save, especially when it comes to your precious income. Whether it’s extending the life of the items you have or scoring some new items at a great price, we’ve listed our top 10 hacks for beautifying yourself on a budget.

1. Coordinate Your Colors

Got a favorite eyeliner you wish you could coordinate with? Turn some of it into a custom nail polish by mixing a small amount into a bottle of generic clear nail polish.

2. Get a Better Brush

When it comes to products like mascara, a big difference in the cost ends up being the brush that comes with it. Since most containers are universally sized, when you find a brush you love, simply clean it off when the original product runs out and place it in any newer, less-expensive product you’re trying out. Often you’ll find you can save a lot on product while getting the same results thanks to that patented brush.

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7 Responses to 10 Money Saving Makeup Hacks

  1. I really love your makeup hacks here, especially the one where you explained how mascara can make a difference if you use something that has a good brush. I’ve been into makeup lately due to the influence of some bloggers and it’s been fun. I even thought about enrolling in a beauty school program just for fun and experience.

  2. Sophia Alves says:

    Great tips! I had no idea that some of them are really that efficient like Johnson and Johnson’s No Tears baby shampoo for make up removal and the trick with rubbing alcohol. Thank you very much for sharing this with your readers and I hope I will read some more useful and helpful tips on your blog soon 🙂

  3. I have been saving money ever since I was a young girl. My dad taught me to save money on skincare. He told me to just ask. I was a 14 young man and I went to the Lancome counter and I asked for some free samples. I am a adult man and I still ask for the free samples. Sometimes I am out of money and out of skincare but my free samples help me look good and save me money too.

    • Erika says:

      I love that you were raised to be thrifty!

      You’re actually saving money in more than one way by asking for samples and putting them to good use! By doing that you won’t waste money on full sized products in the future that you may not be as happy with.

      Thanks for sharing!

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