9-hair-color-trends-to-tryIf you’re thinking about changing up your look…you should check out these 9 hair color trends to try before your next salon appointment!

Getting your hair colored isn’t what it used to be. Your options are endless and new trends are popping up everyday!

The most requested hair color trend at my salon right now is balayage. Some people confuse balayage with ombré, so make sure you bring a few photos for your hairstylist.

The Salon at Ulta Beauty stays a step ahead of the trends with Spring and Fall Trend Trainings every year. Some of our signature hair color services are babylayage and sombré, so call your nearest Ulta Beauty if you’re looking for something fresh!

9 Hair Color Trends To Try

*Provided by Western Beauty Institute


This season…say goodbye to those old and boring hair color trends! Here are 9 hair color trends to try, because it’s time for a fresh and colorful look. These trends are not just fresh, but also edgy and stunning! If you’ve been longing for a makeover…nothing is better than starting off with a fun new hair color.

Here are the top 9 hair color styles that are trending at the moment, and you must try them! Now’s the time to give your tresses a new color, and your personality a changed look.

Image courtesy: Western Beauty Institute

Pumpkin Spice
Give your hair a pumpkin like effect with this latest hair color trend called pumpkin spice! It’s a warm brunette color with hints of red and copper that will give your hair a bright sheen. For women with fair skin, a copper and orange blend is suggested while women with darker skin should go for a mix of amber and honey shades.

Watermelon Hair
As the name indicates, this hair color trend features a combination of colors inspired by watermelons and is much more quirky than your everyday haircolor! It looks totally fresh and it’s a must try for those who like to experiment with their hair. This style features pink color in the roots and fades into shades of  green towards the ends.

This one is a perfect color for winter season. It lends an icy look to your hair and features frosty highlights at the crown area resembling to the color of ice and leaving your hair lighter at the ends.

Gray Ombré
A combination of silver and ashy tones, gray ombré is another recent  hair trend recommended by colorists. You can use it as summer highlights as it gives a metallic-like finish to your hair.

Chocolate Mauve
Starting with a rich chocolate base and fading into a warm pink finish at the ends, chocolate mauve combines milky brunette shades and various hues of pink!

Desert Rose
Give a gorgeous rose gold look to your tresses with desert rose hair color. It is a great choice for the spring and summer months! It’s a subtle shade with hues of warm light reds and peppy pinks.

Buttery Blonde
To give your blonde look a makeover…go for this hair color trend called buttery blonde! It features undertones of honey-beige and is suitable for women with pearly complexions with light/medium skin tones. This color technique compliments all eye colors.

Denim Blue
Denim blue is a unique shade with hints of blue and light purple. You can choose from a range of blue shades to suit your natural skin tone.

With this color, you can add dimension as well as a more voluminous appearance to your hair. Ecaille is a technique with golden highlights with dark and caramel tones that give your hair a sun-kissed look!

Be sure to keep these points in mind if coloring your hair at home or for the first time:

  • Consult with your hair colorist before going for it
  • Keep your skin tone in mind
  • Do a sensitivity test to avoid irritation to the skin or allergies
  • Ensure that your skin and eyes do not get in contact with the color
  • After hair coloring, always use color preserving shampoos

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