It’s almost impossible to separate the musicians we love from their clothes and rockstar hairstyles. KISS seems more notable for its makeup than for its music. Can you really think about Michael Jackson without thinking about his white rhinestone glove first? And is any discussion about the ‘90s grunge scene complete without a mention of Kurt Cobain’s grunge-defining fashion choices?

Rockstars have been setting style trends for decades, creating iconic looks that will forever be remembered along with their music. To celebrate, we’ve put together a list of the most iconic rock-and-roll haircuts from the last 60+ years. These are the dos that defined their decades and the artists who inspired them.


Rockstar Hairstyles

Rockstar Hairstyles Through the Decades
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1950’s- Elvis Presley

Believe it or not, the King of Rock ‘n Roll was born a natural blond. He started dying his hair black to achieve an edgier look. (That’s right; in the 1950s, black hair was considered edgy.) The dye job worked perfectly as a small part of Presley’s overall bad boy persona.

Elvis constantly brushed up against the societal standards of straight-laced ‘50s America. He was almost arrested on several occasions just for the way he moved his hips. But his act may have seemed a bit more wholesome if it had been coming from a pretty-boy blonde instead of a dark-haired rebel. Before his insane success, Presley would color his hair with boot polish. Of course, once he became the King, he graduated to two of the more expensive dyes on the market: Miss Clairol 51D and Black Velvet & Mink Brown by Paramount.

Those dyes must have been in high demand by the end of the decade, when it seemed like every rocker from Little Richard to Buddy Holly were mimicking his pitch-black coif, along with every single teenage boy in the country.

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