The history of beauty is most likely written differently depending on the culture just as the history of people tends to bend a bit. There will always be things we don’t know(and may never discover) and things we don’t have quite right. Either way, this infographic from Ogle School provides a great breakdown of the history of beauty!

Where will the beauty industry go next?

History of Beauty

For almost as long as people have walked the Earth, we’ve been trying to look our best doing it. We created gods and tried our best to look just like them: primping and applying various pastes and powders with varying levels of success. Here’s a look at how the industry has evolved across cultures and centuries.

Infographic Created By: Ogle School

Back in the 17th century, those aesthetic-loving Greeks originated the word for cosmetics, which they called “kosmetikos.” One of the first cultures to favor lighter complexions — which separated them from the more tanned lower-class laborers — the Greeks began using powdered lead, a trend that was also adopted by Renaissance royalty in France and England. Despite achieving the desired results, there were some unfortunate side effects from their toxic ingredient choice: namely, death. From lead, they moved on to having leeches suck some of the blood out of their face (seriously) and eventually to a much more tolerable mixture of chalk and various minerals to achieve the desired effects.

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