february-product-reviewsThis month my Julep Maven box and gratis products from Ulta Beauty happened to be perfect for Valentine’s Day! These featured February product reviews are some new and old favorites….as well as a few just released products.

I also tried some other products this month that are new to me, but not necessarily new to the beauty world. Y’all already know that I’m obsessed with the new Peach makeup line from Too Faced, so I’m giving that a break for this month 🙂 .

Here’s a short list of products I liked that aren’t in this post:

  • Bad Baby Hair Spray Pen
  • Bad Baby Dry Shampoo Pen
  • Lancôme Absolue Precious Cells Honey-Rose Lip Balm
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
  • Butter London Wink Matte Liquid Eyeliner

Featured this month are products from NARS, Honest Beauty, Philosophy, and Julep!

February Product Reviews


💋NARS Bronzer

Everyone I work with has been SO pumped for the NARS launch at Ulta Beauty! We heard about it in Winter 2016 and couldn’t hold in the excitement! It wasn’t long before we noticed that a lot of shoppers were asking us where the NARS was in the store. The word was out and it was good to know that we weren’t the only ones jumping for joy!

I love this bronzer…

When it comes to finding the perfect bronzer you should know what you want to use it for(heavy contouring or a boost of color, for example). Bronzers are all unique in their own way…so your besties favorite may not work for you…that’s okay! I’ve tried tons of brands to include: Benefit, Rimmel, Tarte, Laura Geller, IT Cosmetics, etc.


💋NARS Lip Crayon

NARS lip crayon is perfectly smooth when applied and LASTS all day! I recommend testing their shades at your local Ulta Beauty before buying because some of them turn out a little bit brighter or darker on the lips.

For example, Cruella looks like the perfect muted vibrant red…but it definitely looks like a true bright red when applied. That’s not a bad thing…it’s a beautiful shade…but it wasn’t right for me. I prefer Bahama…check it out!


💋Honest Beauty Blurring Powder

The first products I tried by Honest Beauty were from their hair care line. We didn’t carry their makeup yet, but I was definitely keeping it on my radar! I didn’t love all of their hair products…but the shampoos/conditioners, sea salt spray, volume spray, and heat defense spray lived up to their expectations. My fave is the sea salt spray(I’m a sucker for beachy sprays and will try them all!).

I’ve also used their makeup remover wipes and I love them! I usually recommend Clinique’s makeup remover wipes, but these are at the top of my list! What wins me over is the scent…they smell “spa-like” and there’s no residue on my face after I use them.

Honest Beauty Blurring Powder is great for finishing your look or as a makeup setting powder. Personally, I like using it over a BB or CC cream for a quick and natural look. Keeping it simple is the way to go!


💋Julep It’s Balm

Julep It’s Balm wasn’t on the top of my list of things to try because I prefer either a basic lip balm, or full on lipstick/lip gloss. This product is like Nivea’s A Kiss of Care & Color….but so much better! I have the Nivea drugstore version in coral and it’s okay if you just want to throw something on. The color is there, but it doesn’t give a nice finished look.

The difference with Julep’s colored lip balm is that the color really pops and the balm is on point(doesn’t smell funny like cheap balms). It goes on really smooth like a lipstick and doesn’t “drag” on your lips like most balms. The consistency is a little softer than the Nivea version which makes it easier to apply and wear.

Julep Mavens have probably received one of these in their monthly box(that’s how I got mine), so if you’re not a maven yet then take this style quiz to find out if you’re a Classic, Bombshell, Boho, or It Girl! Your first box is FREE and you can cancel or skip a month anytime! You can also get a free 12 piece full size polish set when you sign up!


💋Philosophy Amazing Grace Dry Shampoo

Check out Confessions of a Cosmetologist on @lovephilosophy!

Most of you know that I’m obsessed with dry shampoo! So, when there’s a new product out there I don’t hesitate to give it a try(unless it’s from the drugstore…no way). I’ve been seriously hooked on Living Proof’s PhD Dry Shampoo, so it was hard to break my loyalty to such a great product.

That being said….I love Philosophy’s dry shampoo and I’d give both brands a 10. That’s huge considering how many dry shampoos I’ve tried and how many have disappointed me…greatly! For more dry shampoo product reviews check out my post: Dry Shampoo…What Works?!

Philosophy seems to be “testing the waters” a bit with their new products and I can’t wait to see what they launch in the future! Check out their body mousse that just launched from the amazing grace product line.

Next month’s product reviews will feature another NEW dry shampoo from Alterna! I can’t wait to try it!


💋Philosophy A to Z Cream

Philosophy has been seriously stepping it up lately and I’m steadily adding to my collection(not just their amazing fragrances). Their microdelivery peel is a huge staple in my weekly routine and I’m using the A to Z Cream on days that I don’t need as much coverage for a more casual look.

A to Z cream is Philosophy’s version of “BB cream” from their hope in a jar line. It’s packed with skin-perfecting ingredients and gives beautiful glowing sheer coverage that’s perfect for women on-the-go.

I’m all about making my routine quick and easy…which is why I’m obsessed with BB and CC creams! If you’re hooked on heavy foundations then give your skin a break so it can breathe. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well this cream camouflages imperfections while showing off your natural beauty!


💋Julep Love Your Bare Face

This is an awesome cleansing oil that’s inspired by Korean skincare faves. I used to be weary of “cleansing oils”, but Julep has changed the game for me! Love Your Bare Face is a great everyday cleanser and it won’t dry out your skin. I also use their hydrating body cleansing oil- Rethink Your Shower…it’s perfect for shaving!

Just like any skincare product….give it a few weeks before you decide whether it’s for you or not! I always hear clients talk about how they bought some new expensive skincare line and had to stop using it because they broke out. Most of the time it’s not because your skin doesn’t “like” the products…it’s just something that happens when you change your routine…so stick it out because it will be worth it!



💋Julep Nail Lacquer

I’m clearly obsessed with Julep nail polish, but I’ve noticed that depending on the finish…their polishes can vary in consistency. Some of them are very thin, others are a little too thick, etc. I think that makes sense when you consider the difference in stardust finishes vs. mattes. So, I just ordered some of Julep’s nail polish thinner to have on hand for those thicker polishes that are such a pain to apply(also comes in handy when using older nail polishes)!

I love this nail color….but I was expecting it to be a touch more on the pink/mauve side and it turned out more of a muted red/pink. Next time I use this color I’ll probably use “clearly pink” by Essie(love this color…so much that I have 3 bottles because I accidentally bought the same shade over and over again) as a top coat instead of my favorite clear coat(Seche Vite).

If you haven’t been to Ulta Beauty yet….you’re missing out! We have testers of EVERYTHING in prestige makeup, ULTA brand products, Living Proof hair products, Redken hair products, and more! Just stop by with a clean face and try some new things…it’s the best way to find new products without spending tons of money.

Is there a product that you want to see on next month’s reviews? Just leave a comment below with the brand and product name!

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