If you’re reading this…you probably enjoy wine just as much as I do! So, when a fellow blogger reached out to me about sharing her infographic on 8 Wine Drinking Health Benefits I just had to say yes! Even though my blog niche has nothing to do with food or wine…everyone likes wine…and if they don’t then they probably wish they did(that’s what my grandma says)!

In the past I’ve shared some of my wine faves like Club W for women who love wine, DIY decor projects, wine pairings, and more! After you check out the infographic feel free to share some of your faves with the rest of the wine-o’s out there! Cabernice Day!


8 Wine Drinking Health Benefits

They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But what about a glass of wine? There aren’t many pleasures in life that compare to relaxing with a glass of good wine after a long day at the office, and the good news is you can actually benefit from it. Here are some of the surprising health benefits of drinking wine.

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2 Responses to 8 Wine Drinking Health Benefits

  1. Kelly says:

    Oh I DO love my wine ever so much! Getting it delivered to my house would be amazing! Definitely going to look into this!

  2. In the article it stated that there is a component found in wine which increases your bone mineral density. I’ve always been worried about making sure my bones were healthy and strong. I’ll have to find a good place where I could try, and purchase some fine wines to help me stay healthy and strong.

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