I’m writing this short post on the negative side to bangs because it’s been a popular search topic on my website and I think these are great points to consider if you’re “on the fence” about getting bangs.

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Negative Side to Bangs

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In my opinion, there are little to no reasons why you wouldn’t want side bangs over full bangs. I’m a little biased because I have AWESOME side bangs…and that’s because they’re convenient, low-maintenance, attractive, easy, etc.!

That being said…

It’s pretty hard for me to come up with a few negatives to side bangs, but I’m trying so keep in mind that MOST of the time side bangs will be a better choice than full bangs. If you end up hating them then it’ll be so easy to grow them out…within a few months you’ll forget why you thought you didn’t like them!


1. It will be frustrating at first as you learn how to style your new side bangs.

You’ll probably think about it too much. You’ll probably get made at your round brush….or even your favorite flat iron! All of that is unneccesary because most of you are putting way too much effort into it.

Just dry them with your fingertips, or not at all. As long as you’re using the appropriate styling products(and your bangs were cut properly) they’ll dry looking amaze and you won’t even have to try.

2. You’ll need to schedule a bang trim every 4-8 weeks…depending on how they’re cut and how you wear your hair.

You can even wait up to 12 weeks to get your side bangs trimmed! I only suggest every 4-8 weeks because some of you will want to keep them up if you like the length.

Sometimes I don’t trim my side bangs until about 12 weeks because I’m so busy and I simply forget about them. But…they get to that point…when one day I wake up and I literally cannot do anything with them. They’re suddenly too long and I cannot stand it all of a sudden. Or, I’ll trim them every 4-8 weeks depending on whether or not I find myself in a dull moment with my favorite shears in my hand!

Side bangs are easy to care for and very low maintenance! Trim them, or don’t trim them….it will be okay!

3. They’ll get in the way.

They’ll definitely get in the way…but that’s okay!

They’ll get in the way when…

  • you’re working out
  • you’re working
  • you’re cleaning the house
  • you’re doing your makeup
  • you’re washing your face
  • you’re driving with the windows down
  • you’re look down at your desk to write some notes in your super cute planner
  • when’re you eat some pho…

…they’ll just get in the way.

Again, not a problem! I just twist them into a mini pompadore or swoop and pop in a bobby pin or two. They’ll be out of your face and they won’t crease, so your side bangs will look just like they did when you styled them!

My side bangs have a huge history…here’s a little peek at my bajillion different bang looks over the years!


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As you can see, my bangs were super long here, but they still looked great!
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Here’s a tip for longer side bangs: Giving them a light curl with a large iron(I use the Paul Mitchell Pro Tool Express Ion Pro XL,1.5″) or wearing sunglasses helps to keep your bangs in check.

You can also pull them back with a cute headband!
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