DIY Bridesmaid Boxes are the perfect project to get you rolling with wedding planning! I recently got engaged(3 weeks ago!), and now I understand how overwhelming it is. There are so many decisions to make!


DIY Bridesmaid Boxes

I always thought that choosing a venue, date, and wedding colors would be a piece-of-cake. If you’re a procrastinator like me then distracting yourself by making some beautiful DIY bridesmaid boxes is just the thing to get you motivated about making some “serious” decisions.

I got everything for my DIY bridesmaid boxes in less than 1 week and I only went to 3 stores(one of which was Farm Fresh…that was a stop I was already making)!

Each bridesmaid box was approximately $32.29 total! That’s so much better than overpaying for a generic box that you order online. Have fun with it and make use of what you have wherever possible.

A few tips before you get started:

  • Don’t worry too much about colors. I was too focused on color-coordinating everything that would go in the boxes with my potential wedding color palette. When I stopped obsessing over finding dusty blue nail polish and peach beauty blenders it all came together rather quickly(imagine that)!
  • Sometimes spending less is best! Personal and heartfelt gifts are far better than expensive ones. Save the pricey presents for later…you’ll probably want to buy everyone necklaces or earrings for the big day.
  • Look for deals and coupons. I got some really great buys at Ulta Beauty with their “buy 2 get 1 free” and “buy 3 get 2 free” sale!
  • Search for cute goodies and accessories on sites like Amazon, Modcloth, and Julep!

DIY Bridesmaid Boxes

Weddings are expensive. There’s just no way around that, and I’m willing to bet that most people fail to include what they spend on little “odds and ends” purchased along the way.

When I started researching bridesmaid boxes I quickly realized that they were very expensive and not really spectacular for the price. Even those that claim to be custom are just filled with a collection of random and overpriced things. So, I decided to take a trip to Michael’s Arts & Crafts for a little inspiration for my hopeful DIY bridesmaid boxes project!


Some of the goodies I found for my DIY Bridesmaid Boxes!

These DIY bridesmaid boxes were fun to make, personalized, and such a cute gift!

Try to keep an open mind and use what you found online as a guide to creating your boxes.

You can either recreate an expensive box that you found online, or use a couple of ideas from it and make the rest unique to you and your wedding party.

I chose to make them differently than what I found online, but I wasn’t sure what I would put in them until I shopped around and found some perfect treasures!

Here’s what I bought for my bridesmaids boxes and where I found everything!

Ulta Beauty Finds:


Essie Nail Polish, Sun Bum Balm, Redken Beach Spray, Ulta Bath Minis, & TONYMOLY Foot Shoes!

If you read my blog regularly then you know that I’m a Salon Manager at Ulta Beauty…so I’m a little biased :). I could literally shop there everyday and never get bored, so it was really hard to only buy these items for my DIY bridesmaid boxes!

I chose gifts that I love because I know that most women would too! The magic foot peeling shoes by TONYMOLY will shed layers of dead skin off of your feet, so they’re perfect for wedding prep!


Michael’s Arts & Crafts:


Sachets, Fashion Pencils, Mini Notebooks, Ribbon, & Personalized Gifts!

Going to Michael’s(or any craft supply store) is a great way to get your ideas flowing!

I found everything I needed to make my DIY bridesmaid boxes special along with the perfect finishing touches.

We shop a lot on Amazon and I wasn’t having much luck with finding things for my boxes.

I love the convenience of ordering online, but seeing things in person is necessary when you’re creating things from the heart.

One thing I should have gotten more of was ribbon! I had enough for 3 boxes, but the bows were very small.

Luckily, I’m quite crafty and I was able to shape them nicely but my original idea was to make big gorgeous bows for each box. I needed 1-2 more spools of ribbon for that look.


Stuff I had at home or picked up at Farm Fresh:


Wine & Mini Mints!

My original idea was to pick up some mini bottles of champagne at the grocery store, but I didn’t like the brand they had(small town grocery store). Baby bottles of Korbel are cute, but these wine minis are too!

It worked out better because everyone loves moscato and peach is one of my wedding colors! This is the perfect example of how you should try not to get stuck on a particular item or brand while shopping for your DIY bridesmaid boxes.

The Altoids weren’t planned…I was waiting in line forever and they caught my eye. I wanted to get some pretty individually wrapped candies(like Lindor truffles), but the small mints were cute and right in front of me! I’ll save the truffles for another occasion :).


Filler from my Julep Maven Boxes:


Squiggly paper I saved from my Julep Maven boxes!


Tip: Use what you have on hand when you can.

bridesmaid-box I wanted to add a little something to the mini wine bottles, but jute twine just wasn’t cutting it. I knew that I would barely have enough of the ribbon I got for the finishing touches when I noticed the packaging on the closet sachés!

I used the pink ribbon from the closet sachés to give the mini wine bottles a perfectly feminine touch! Even though I have tons of ribbon and craft supplies in my hobby room…I was able to make use of what I had right in front of me.

This is what i mean when I say that you shouldn’t “go overboard” on trying to make every little detail perfect. There’s going to be plenty of time for that when you get further into your wedding planning!

Cost of individual items per box:

  • Box $2.50
  • Mini Wine $1.49
  • Altoid Smalls $1.79
  • Sun Bum Lip Balm $2.40*
  • Essie Nail Polish $7.20*
  • Ulta Bath Mini $2.40*
  • Tony Moly Foot Mask $3.90*
  • Redken Beach Spray $4.00*
  • Closet Sache $1.00
  • Mini Notebook $1.00
  • Fashion Pencil $0.12
  • Custom Gift $3.99
  • Squiggly Paper $0.00**
  • Note Card $0.00**
  • Ribbon $0.50
  • Paint Pen $0.00**
  • Sticky Gems $0.00**

*Items were 20% at Ulta Beauty-keep an eye out for coupons and sales!

**Items were “no cost” because I already had them in my craft room from previous DIY projects! Making use of what you have is a great way to save some money.

If you made DIY Bridesmaid Boxes for your wedding party…please share your ideas and lessons learned in the comment section!

Click here to view my step-by-step photo tutorial for making these DIY Bridesmaid Boxes!

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