This DIY Bridesmaids Box Photo Tutorial is an extension of my recent post about making your own bridesmaids boxes. I realized that I had so much to share and it was a little overwhelming! So…here’s a more simple and condensed version of how to make your own DIY bridesmaids boxes!

If you want to know how much it will cost per box as well as the price of each item I included in my boxes, check out my other DIY Bridesmaid Boxes post!

DIY Bridesmaids Box Photo Tutorial

Some of us enjoy pictures more than words, so I hope this DIY Bridesmaids Box Photo Tutorial gets you on your way to crafting your own wedding party gifts!

Step 1: Start with the box.


Photo Boxes from Michael’s Arts & Crafts: 4/$10

It’s much easier to fill a gift box with items that will fit prettily and perfectly than to search for a box that your awkwardly-sized gifts will squeeze into!

Step 2: Check your craft and gift wrapping supplies for things you can use in or on your boxes.


Squiggly paper was saved from my monthly Julep Maven boxes, white paint pen from previous DIY projects, and sticky gems from my scrap-booking supplies!

I save anything and everything that I know I can make use of later, so you may or may not have the things you need at home. If you don’t have anything to use for a filler, you can cut and crinkle strips of newspaper for an eco-friendly box filler.

Step 3: Shop online or at your favorite local beauty and craft stores.


You can get these cute gifts online or at your favorite stores!

You can find some really great deals on gifts and personalized keepsakes if you know where to look. Here are some of my favorite online and in-store shopping spots for affordable gifts:

Step 4: Whether you think you have everything you need or not, just get started!

I spent about two weeks researching bridesmaid boxes online and looking at DIY bridesmaids boxes on other blogs. During that time I bought a few things here and there. I was kinda stuck on finishing my boxes, so I went to the craft store because that’s a great place for ideas, little odds & ends, and affordable supplies.

The next day I made my boxes, and even though I didn’t think I had enough…they were perfect!

Step 5: Add some finishing touches!


I tied some pretty ribbon around my boxes instead of going to the trouble of making elaborate bows or intricate designs.

It’s time to “seal” your boxes and declare the project finished! I have trouble doing this because I always feel like there’s room for improvement, but the reality of wedding planning is that you need to get it done and move on.


Double check each box to make sure you’re done and wrap it up!

Tying ribbons around my boxes and adding the little sticky gems were my last steps, and I knew that once I closed them I would be officially finished with my DIY bridesmaids boxes!


Labels were already on the boxes! I just used a paint pen to personalize!

My original idea was to find some pretty boxes at Michael’s Arts & Crafts…they usually have an isle of decor boxes in seasonal prints/colors. There were tons…but I couldn’t find 4 boxes in the right size and design. Most of them had inspirational quotes or bible verses on them and I was looking for something simple, yet beautiful.

The photo boxes I found were just about as plain as they come, but that was better than settling for something I didn’t like…and they turned out great!

Click here for the cost per box …and a list of items I included in my DIY bridesmaids boxes with prices!

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