Today we are going a little bit out of the box and talking wedding stationery! Rather than just regular old wedding invitations…we are talking with Basic Invite, an online stationery company, about some of their favorite beauty inspired wedding stationery designs!

Beauty Inspired Wedding Stationery


Smokey Eye


Beauty Inspired Wedding Stationery @basicinvite

Blossoming Love Wedding Invitations

If you’re a smokey-eyed bride these chalkboard and floral invites are the perfect match.

Try a dramatic wedding day look inspired by these dark invites that have just a pop of color.

Just like your smokey eye with a touch of light blush!

Chalboard-esque wedding invitations and decor are easily integrated into so many wedding themes.

I LOVE this look for romantic weddings, rustic weddings, beachy weddings…you name it…everyone loves this casual, yet elegantly beautiful stationery style.

You can use this look throughout your wedding for signage, table cards, centerpieces, photo booth accessories, and more!


Metallic & Bronze



Delicate Laurel Foil Invite

& Cool Marble Foil Invite

Perfect for a golden hour ceremony!

These foil invites will inspire you to get a golden tan and go for a naturally bronzed look. You’ll look as gorgeous as your invites with bronzed skin and metallic eyes.

Metallics are a great way to glam up your wedding day, whether you add a little or a lot! Even though rose gold is hot right now, I still see a lot of wedding themes with classic silver and gold.

I plan to accent my wedding invites and themed decor with a hint of soft gold-it’s not too much, but just enough to add a touch of glam!


Red Lip



Vintage Botanical Wedding Invitation

Nothing beats a dramatic red lip for your big day and this vintage botanical design is a surefire way to start your wedding theme off bright and bold.

These invites are perfect for a vineyard or botanical garden wedding!

I used to think of winter weddings when it comes to cranberry and red hues, but colors are no longer “seasonal”, in my opinion.

You can make anything work no matter what time of year your wedding date is…it’s all in the details!

If you’re into vintage styles check out these bridal themes for the perfect retro look! You may also like this vintage-inspired makeup for your big day or for the perfect bridesmaids gifts!

*Pictured is a more simple invite style. Please click on the link above to view the lovely botanical invite designs!


Blushing Bride



Watercolor Bouquet Invitations

A classic look for a bride who is pretty in pink.

Pair your invites and day-of stationery with a romantic and low-key wedding day look.

Romantic wedding themes are quite popular these days. I’ve already decided that I want to have a romantic wedding even though we’ve made few decisions about the rest of our wedding details.

I love these invites because they’re beautiful, but not too bold.

It’s hard to choose everything for your wedding day while making sure that it will all flow perfectly. With a romantic style you can easily adjust your colors or decor and no one will notice!

Check out these romantic wedding hairstyles and bridal looks to help inspire your wedding planning!

Creating a cohesive theme for your wedding can help keep the planning process simple and straight forward.

With one vision for all aspects of your day, you’ll end up with a gorgeous look all the way around!

Start by shopping for your custom beauty inspired wedding stationery at Basic Invite. Once you find a look you love, send out your matching save the date invitations to get your guests ready. You can even order table place cards to match which will add nicely to the table decor!

Basic Invite is the  best custom card company for your perfect wedding day!

Check them out for 15% off your entire order!

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Follow Katie at Basic Invite for some amazing wedding theme ideas, stationary, & more!


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