Most of you know that i’m obsessed with organization…to include color coding everything, and I get especially out of control when it comes to my planner! I just ordered a new hairstylist weekly planner online and I’m super excited to start using it!

If you’re like me, you have trouble finding the perfect planner…or the perfect anything for that matter! I either find one that has the daily and weekly layouts that I like, but doesn’t have note pages or extra room for jotting down my ideas. So, when Claudia from reached out to me about their customizable planners, I didn’t waste any time getting lost on their website!

Their planners are awesome….there’s literally a planner for everyone and every purpose. You can choose what type of cover and binding you like as well as add types of pages if their standard planner isn’t quite enough to satisfy your organizational desires. This is the perfect time of year to plan ahead so you can start the new year off on the right foot.

I’m currently using a Lily Pulitzer planner (which I love), but the layout isn’t convenient for organizing my week by day. I’m a visual person, so I prefer a planner that displays my week across two pages with a column for each day. I’ll continue to use it through December and order one from PurpleTrail that begins in January!

A lot of you are probably all about the Day Designer planners too! I had one for 2017 and I liked it, but it was kinda heavy and I found that I didn’t use it that much because the hard cover on metal rings was a little annoying to open and close…and the layout wasn’t my favorite. I paid A LOT for that planner because it was the only one I’d heard about that got great reviews. This time I’m paying less for something that I can make my own…yay!

So, if you’re curious about a new brand to send you into organizational bliss…here’s what the planning experts at PurpleTrail have to say about their Hairstylist Weekly Planner!

Hairstylist Weekly Planner

You go to your local bookstore to find the perfect planner for scheduling your client’s appointments, but all they have are generic planners with a couple rows of lines underneath each day!

As a hairstylist, you know that’s not going to cut it. If you’ve struggled to find the ultimate daybook or appointment planner that’s unique to your schedule and your needs, look no further. PurpleTrail creates premium weekly planners with a reliable vertical hourly layout, offered in either one-hour increments or 15 minute increments. Hairstylists swear by it!


When you have several appointments to schedule every day, organization is crucial.

Having a paper planner in front of you when you’re scheduling your clients’ hair appointments helps you visualize your day and prevents overbooking, keeping you stress-free as you organize your daily schedule.

The best way to keep track of client phone calls, emails, and scheduled appointments is a vertical layout that breaks down your day into specific time increments, like by the hour or every fifteen minutes. This way, you can block out sections of your day to represent the length of each of your client’s appointments. This is a great way to visualize your schedule, as sometimes appointments can take longer—like a cut and color—and some shorter, such as a men’s buzz cut.

Browse a diverse selection of stylish and trendy weekly planner designs that are easily customizable with PurpleTrail’s online customization tools! You can customize the front cover with your name, company name and logo, or even photo collages of the best hair-dos you’ve ever styled.

If you’re a salon owner, imagine a planner that’s truly tailored towards your business. Not only does it feel good to expand your brand and see your logo on the front cover of your own personalized planner, but your employees and clients will notice the professionalism, too, which overall promotes your business. It may even inspire your employees to get a planner with your business’s name and logo on it, too. And if you’re running a business from home, nothing looks more professional to your clients than products branded with your custom logo and information.

You can also add inspiring quotes to your planner covers that’ll help you get through your roughest days, and trendy artwork from their expansive embellishment library. And if none of the designs are speaking to you, you can even create your own design from scratch, and PurpleTrail will bring your creative visions to life.

PurpleTrail offers their weekly planners in two convenient sizes. The smaller size is perfect for sliding into a purse or bag! The larger size is great if you have longer days to schedule and need more room to write.

Whether you’re booking hourly appointments or need to document your schedule by every fifteen minutes, the vertical layout is the time-tested choice for mapping out long and busy days.


You can even customize your planner’s start time to make your planner the perfect organization tool for your unique work schedule.

Consider selecting some extra add-ons to be coiled in the back of your planner:

  • Notes Pages
  • Appointment Tracker
  • To Do List
  • Bill Tracker
  • Address Book
  • Important Dates

Add a pocket folder to your planner to keep loose receipts or inspiration photos. And don’t forget a sticker pack so you can embellish your planner pages and make organizing fun!


We know that some people, especially left-handers, don’t like dealing with a metal coil that makes writing near the margins of each page a bit harder.

PurpleTrail offers their brand new library book quality, sewn bound planners. These feature a clean, hardbound spine and pages that always lay flat so scheduling is a breeze.

You can write all the way up to the margins of each page without a problem! And just like any of their planners, the thick, premium writing paper holds up to a lot of different types of pens(these are my favorite), gel pens, and even some markers. Sewn-bound books also come with a ribbon to help keep track of each month, much like the tabbed dividers in the coil-bound books.

PurpleTrail offers a planner for every type of person. If you need more space than a weekly planner can offer, consider their daily planners which feature one or two pages for every single day. These span either three months (two pages per day) or six months (one page per day). Each page comes with designated space for that day’s specific to-do list, daily schedule, and more.

Or if you just need a thin, reliable planner to help you remember the big stuff, they also make monthly planners featuring two-page calendar spreads for each month, for a whole two years! This is perfect for remembering holidays, beauty trade shows and galas, sale days, team events, fundraisers, and more. And who says you can’t double up on a couple different planner types to be the ultimate organization guru? A monthly planner for annual events, a weekly planner for day-to-day appointments.

A stylish cosmetologist should have the opportunity to stay organized in style, too. PurpleTrail understands! Not only will you have a planner to show off to your clients and coworkers, but you’ll always be prepared to face each day with an appointment book that’s unique to your business, your schedule, and your needs.


Click here to visit and start customizing your planner!

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