My Keto Journey

Week 2

If you missed the kick off post on my keto journey, check out Week 1! Last week I lost 4 pounds!

This week was great! I didn’t lose as much as I hoped to, but I’m sticking with it and doing more reading to make sure I’m eating right. I also starting exercising more towards the end of week 1 and I hope to maintain that as well as increase my exercise as I go.

I’m walking an average of 2.5 miles per day, but I’d like to maintain 3 miles per day. I use my iwatch to track my walking progress with the exercise app. I just set it to “Open Goal Outdoor Walk” and hit pause when I’m done with my morning walk. When I go on my afternoon walk I hit resume so that it tracks all my miles as one walk. There are lots of ways to track it, but this is what I’ve been doing for over a year now.

I also downloaded an app called SweatCoin. It keeps up with your steps and rewards you with “sweat coins” for your progress. You can spend your sweat coins in the app on stuff like gift cards, energy bill credits, Tidal music, rocks box gift cards, electronics, and more! This is really motivating for me because I like free stuff and I’m already walking, so why not get some cool perks too!

Click here to download the Sweatcoin app and start earning for exercise!

Day 1

Breakfast-1 cup of blueberry green tea(Yogi) w/ Truvia, 2 deviled eggs

Lunch-1 cup of tuna salad, 1 cup of ground turkey mixed with cream cheese and sauteed red onions

Dinner- keto pizza w/ turkey crust, low carb pizza sauce, jalapenos, olives, pepperonis, feta cheese


Keto Pizza

Day 2

Breakfast- 1 cup of blueberry green tea, 2 slices of bacon

Lunch- 3 deviled eggs, 4 slices of turkey

Dinner- stuffed chile poblano peppers


keto stuffed chile poblano peppers (not pictured: dollop of sour cream!)


Day 3

Breakfast- 2 deviled eggs, 1 cup of blueberry green tea

Lunch- ground turkey mixed with jalapeno cream cheese and sauteed red onions

Dinner- hamburger steak topped w/ provolone cheese and sauteed onions, La Croix cran-raspberry sparkling water

Day 4

Breakfast- 1 cup of coffee w/ sugar free creamer, 1 string cheese

Lunch- tuna salad with parmesan cheese crisps(Whisps)

Dinner- keto pizza w/ turkey crust, alfredo sauce, bacon bits, carmelized onions, and green peppers


Keto Pizza w/ Alfredo Sauce

Day 5

Breakfast- 1 cup of blueberry green tea, 3 slices of bacon

Lunch- leftover keto pizza

Dinner- stuffed mini sweet peppers w/ jalapeno cream cheese topped with mexican cheese blend, taco salad

Day 6

Breakfast- 1 cup of blueberry green tea(Yogi), leftover stuffed sweet peppers

Lunch- ground turkey lettuce wraps with grilled red peppers

Dinner- stuffed jalapeno peppers topped with bacon bits

Day 7

Breakfast- scrambled eggs w/ cheese, 3 slices of bacon(baked in the oven)

Lunch- 12 hot wings w/ ranch dressing

Dinner- 2 keto cookies, cup of green tea

I didn’t lose as much during week 2 as I thought I would. Maybe that’s because I made keto cookies, or maybe it’s because losing weight gets harder with age. Either way, I’m sticking with it and hoping to see some changes in week 3!

My progress:

  • Down 6 pounds
  • BMI is down 1 point

Here are a few screenshots from my So Fit app with the Rhenpho Bluetooth Smart Scale(read about it in My Keto Journey – Week 1):



How’s your keto journey going? Please share your experiences in the comment section!


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