Looking after your hair is a daily task, and the more quality you put into your routine the better!

With the right approach, a handful of top tips, and consistency, you’ll be able to keep your hair looking luscious all the time.

Sometimes you’ll be short on time, sometimes you’ll have the luxury of having plenty of it, and sometimes you just won’t feel like it; either way, you’ll be able to match this daily hair care routine to your needs and schedule.

Here’s how to look after your hair in five easy steps!

Daily Hair Care in 5 Easy Steps

1. Brushing

Hair brushing isn’t just about making your hair look beautiful or getting rid of the tangles. In addition to that, daily brushing helps stimulate hair roots, increase oxygen flow to the scalp, and retain natural hair oils. That leads to a lovely shine and better overall hair health.

Even if it’s just a quick run through, that’s better than nothing. But if you’ve got the time, use it to give your hair a really thorough brush.

2. Washing

Washing your hair with shampoo every day can strip the hair of its natural oils, so daily shampooing is best avoided. However, for now let’s assume this is one of the three days in the week (that’s a good rule of thumb) that you are washing your hair. Remember to give your scalp a really good massage with the shampoo and work it all over your hair. Being aware of the right type of products for your hair is key to a good routine too. For example, if you’ve got high hair porosity, you’ll want a more gentle shampoo.

On days that you’re in a hurry, or when your hair needs a quick refresh, give it a spritz with dry shampoo. If you’ve got more time, take the opportunity to give your locks a deep conditioning treatment. Again, knowing your hair type is key. If you have high hair porosity, you can go for a really rich treatment.

3. Drying


This is another part of your routine that’s time dependent.

Ideally you’d go easy on the heat and let your hair air dry, or pat it dry.

However, when you’re really pushed for time, it’s fine to grab your hairdryer.

Keep the heat low for the most part and make sure you keep the hairdryer at a good distance – too much heat can cause issues, so easy does it.

*Remember to always use a styling product/heat protectant!

This will prevent damage and give you a more “finished” look after blow drying your hair. You also want to keep your blow dryer in motion at all times(not waving it back and forth without purpose like I know many people do- move from top to bottom along with your round brush).

Here are a few of my favorite drying tools:


Blow drying with a round brush after you’ve removed up to 80% moisture will give you a more finished look and requires little to no ironing afterwards!

4. Styling


You’ve brushed, washed and dried – now for the finishing touches! This one’s entirely down to you.

If you’ve got the time, you can be as elaborate as you like. But if you’re up against it, a simple wash and go is the best choice.

For everyday wear, less is often more, and the “au naturale” look is timeless anyway.

*I have a routine that fits my lifestyle and is fairly quick and easy to do in 30 minutes or so. I save complicated styling and extra work for special occasions or days that I need to dress-up!

Here are a few of my favorite styling tools:


Self-gripping rollers are a great way to style your hair if you want to avoid heat and add some volume!

5. End of the Day Care


You’ve done it – got through the day with your hair looking great!

Now it’s back to looking after it. If you didn’t wash in the morning, and it’s a washing day, now’s the time. A final brush late on will give your locks a bit of boost, and then you’re done.

If you want an added bit of security, you can tie your hair up in plait or ponytail to limit the amount of tangling that goes on while you sleep.

Give this easy to follow routine a go – your hair will thank you in the long run!

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