winter-foot-careWe’re all guilty of letting some things go over the winter months, and our feet are often the first thing to go! Winter foot care is just as important as our summer routines- not only because of temperature changes causing dryness, but also the fact that it’s going to be a lot easier to rock some sandals come spring if you never stop caring for your feet.

I always vow to maintain my pedicure schedule year-round, but I rarely do because I know that no one is going to see my feet. Regular foot care is so important because issues arise when dry heels and calluses are left unattended to.

For example, if your skin becomes excessively dry or cracked, it’s so much harder to get back to those smooth heels you once had. Cracked skin can creep up on you fast, so take my advice and don’t let your feet go this winter!

That’s why I’m sharing this detailed winter foot care infographic from Walsh Brothers Shoes! They recently shared it with me and though my readers would enjoy it, so I can’t take the credit but I think you’ll be inspired to take better care of your feet just as I have!

Winter Foot Care

During winter our feet are usually tucked away under heavy boots and cozy slippers. However, this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t invest the same level of care into maintaining our feet as we do in the summer!

In this infographic you’ll learn about some top tips on how to keep your feet happy and healthy during the cold winter months!


Compliments of Walsh Brothers Shoes

Winter Foot Care Tips:

  1. Rotate your shoes.
  2. Get a pair of “inside shoes”.
  3. Wear proper socks.
  4. Choose appropriate footwear.
  5. Bathe your feet regularly.
  6. Moisturize everyday.
  7. Take a break from pedicures. *I’m not on board with this tip, but I’m sure they have their reasons!
  8. Don’t leave chilly feet unattended.
  9. Avoid slips and falls.

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