face-mask-recallA popular skincare brand just announced a recall on one of their sheet face masks. I’m not surprised- there are so many cheap skincare products out there and people use them all willy nilly.

Just because a product is on the market does not mean that it is guaranteed to be safe.

I recently wrote about Professional Skincare vs. Drugstore Brands and touched on the topic of quality ingredients. When you purchase a reputable product that is high quality you are doing yourself a favor.

That doesn’t mean I’m shunning all drugstore beauty products, but I hope that people will be cautious with what they choose when it comes to skincare(all personal products for that matter).

Face Mask Recall

Yes To, Inc. is a popular skincare brand that has gained popularity over the years, and they just recalled their Grapefruit Vitamin-C Glow-Boosting Unicorn Paper Mask. There have been several cases of extreme skin irritation and redness, so they are pulling the product and offering a refund for any unused masks.

Here’s an excerpt from their announcement:

“Yes To Inc. has issued a voluntary recall of all lots of its Grapefruit Vitamin C Glow-Boosting Unicorn Paper Mask in response to complaints of skin irritation and redness. We have recently seen reports on social media that children have used the Grapefruit Vitamin C Glow-Boosting Unicorn Paper Mask unfortunately in skin irritation. We have also received similar reports from adults who have used the product. As such, we have decided to pull this particular product off of the shelves while we investigate the complaints that we have received and seen online.”

YesTo.com still has this face mask featured as “new”, but the product page mentions that it is currently unavailable due to reports of skincare irritation. Interestingly, they pulled the reviews off of that page.

I also noticed that they have two other new Yes To Grapefruit skincare products that appear to be part of the same line as the face mask, and they’re still available for purchase online and in stores. The Yes To Grapefruit Vitamin-C Glow-Boosting Mud Mask and Yes To Grapefruit Vitamin-C Glow-Boosting Brightening Mist have a few positive reviews, but that doesn’t mean they’re products to be trusted!

You can find Yes To, Inc. skincare products by the dozens on Amazon.com and in the following stores: Ulta Beauty, Target, Wal-Mart, Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, Whole Foods, Publix, Harris Teeter, Safeway, etc. 

Here’s where you can get more details:

FDA website

Allure Magazine Story

People Magazine

Today Show

When I first heard about this recall I considered that the issues people experienced after using the face mask could be a result of user error. I’m not saying it’s completely their fault, but I know that many people neglect their skin by “over-doing” it and that can cause adverse reactions(especially with cheap products).

For example:

If you treated your skin with a cream or peel mask in the morning and used a sheet mask at night, your skin could become extremely irritated and sensitive. This is especially common with teens because they’re trying everything to get flawless skin, and a lot of them think that more is better.

I checked the FDA website as well as several other sources and couldn’t find any information on how many cases have been reported. Also, the information about the reason for the recall is very vague(skin irritation and redness). The number of reported cases will tell us a lot about whether this is an ingredient issue or if it was just a handful of people that didn’t follow instructions.

Either way, if you typically use Yes To, Inc. skincare products it’s probably best to proceed with caution. In my opinion, this brand offers low-quality skincare products that only became widely popular because they’re trendy, relatable, and affordable.

Do you use Yes To, Inc. skincare products? If so, did you use the product in the face mask recall? I’d love to hear your thoughts about the Grapefruit Vitamin-C Glow-Boosting Unicorn Paper Mask as well as their other products. Did you experience a reaction after using their face mask, and if so- what happened? Please share in the comment section!

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5 Responses to Face Mask Recall

  1. Cort says:

    Just because something is marketed as a “natural” or close to it, doesn’t mean that the product doesn’t have bad/cheap ingredients in it. It also doesn’t mean that it works better, too. I have tried several conditioners from Whole Foods but I found that none of them conditioned or made my hair soft like professional brands. I like the idea of more natural products, but it doesn’t mean that they deliver. I do like their body washes and lotions.

    • Erika says:

      Definitely agree on the natural products! It all comes down to what’s important to each individual when choosing a product.

  2. Nidhi says:

    I was using the peel and face mask without any proper guidance but after reading your article I got to know how to use them. Thanks a lot for your idea.

  3. Nidhi says:

    I was using peel mask and face mask without any proper guidance, from reading your article only i got to know how to use those mask. Thanks a lot for sharing this information.

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