stunning-wedding-dresses (1) Lately I’ve seen so many stunning wedding dresses on Reddit, so I thought I’d share them! Some are classic, some are unusual, and some are a little plain in the best of ways!

If you are looking for something beautiful or unique…then we probably have similar taste! I hope to help inspire brides-to-be with this compilation of random, but awesome dresses that were posted by other people just like you that are on their wedding planning journey!

Stunning Wedding Dresses

All of the dresses featured below were shared by real brides that are getting married in the near future! If you want more information about a specific dress just click on the embedded post and check out the comment section. I am including the basic details for each dress(if the person who posted it provided information.


I saw this amazing dress after writing this post, but I’m adding it because it definitely deserves some attention! I just love that brides are getting more brave with their dress designs by adding color. I remember when wearing a very light blush pink dress was a big deal as a new trend…like…whoa you’re really stepping out huh?

That being said, it really depends on what kind of wedding you’re going to have. This bride really got it right with the venue, color scheme, and style to say the least! There’s a place for traditional styles as well as those that are truly one-of-a-kind like this one!

Our December 14th brewery wedding was perfect! from r/weddingplanning

Dress Designer/Shop: Chotronette

Dress Name: This is a custom dress.


This next dress is simple, and the conservative lace back with buttons is beautiful! I love this type of buttons on dresses…they add a vintage touch that never goes out of style.

We did it! Favorite day of my entire life. from r/weddingplanning

Dress Designer/Shop: BHLDN by Anthropologie

Dress Name: Atkins

View dress on website!


Yes, I’m obsessed with floral accents mixed with tulle, but who isn’t? The neckline and straps are what caught my eye with this dress, but I love everything about it!

My dress is finished yesssss!! So in love with it and can’t wait for THE DAY from r/weddingplanning

Dress Designer/Shop: Laura Nova UK

Dress Name: Bespoke


This one is definitely on the top of my list for stunning wedding dresses! It’s gorgeous…if only there were a better photo! The person who posted this dress mentioned in the comments that there was no tag…happy searching!

Cured my dress regret by buying the second damn dress already lol from r/weddingplanning

Dress Designer/Shop: Unknown

Dress Name: Unknown


The back of this stress definitely steals the spotlight, but the front is beautifully detailed as well! I love the detail in the train and the half-open back with buttons. You can check out a better photo of the front on their website- link below!

Wedding Dress try on. Getting married August 28th 2020! from r/weddingplanning

Dress Designer/Shop: Morilee | Madeline Gardner

Dress Name: Rosa Wedding Dress | Style #5763

View dress on website!


You don’t see many large patterned lace dresses like this one. I especially like the fit of this dress and the train. Unfortunately, I could not find the designer, but I messaged the person who posted it and will hopefully update soon!

Getting married on Saturday- feeling nervous! What’s 1 thing that you wish you could tell yourself looking back on your big day? from r/weddingplanning

Dress Designer/Shop: Unknown

Dress Name: Unknown


This dress is edgy, mystical, and classy to say the least! “Out-of-the-box” dresses are becoming more and more popular, yet I haven’t come across many. This dress would be perfect for an outdoor wedding with lots of greenery and floral decor!

Being 4’11, I never wear long dresses due to having to get them altered. Is it possible to get this altered without losing too much of the black at the bottom? from r/weddingplanning

Dress Designer/Shop: Sweet Caroline Styles

Dress Name: Cordelia Skirt

View on website!


Champagne tulle and subtle sleeves…what more can I say? I love this dress!

I found it! 🥰 from r/weddingplanning

Dress Designer/Shop: Unknown

Dress Name: Unknown


The neckline and sleeves on this dress totally won me over. This is the perfect example of how simplicity can make a stunning wedding dress as well! Embellishments and embroidery are lovely, but I like this style just as much!

I said yes to the dress yesterday! I couldn’t believe it, but we really found the one!! from r/weddingplanning

Dress Designer/Shop: Celebration Bridal and Tux

Dress Name: Sidney


This dress is unique because, well…it is two dresses in one! The sleeves didn’t come with the dress- the bride found them(from a different designer/shop) and paired them with her dress for a gorgeous look!

I went back and got one of the first dresses I tried on, AND added sleeves from another dress! from r/weddingplanning

Dress Designer/Shop: Morilee | Madeline Gardner

Dress Name: Pierette Wedding Dress | Style #2044

Dress Sleeves: Essence of Australia | Martina Liana, Style #1147

View dress on website!

View sleeves on website!


The layering and simple straps are my favorite features of this dress! It’s beautiful in the photo, but the fact that it’s glittered as well tells me that it’s even more stunning in person!

After thinking I knew what I wanted, I found this gem! Super excited to marry my best friend!! Also side note, all of you brides are absolutely RADIANT! from r/weddingplanning

Dress Designer/Shop: David’s Bridal

Dress Name: Glitter Floral and Tulle Layered Wedding Dress | Style #WG3975

View dress on website!


I love the idea of a blue dress! I haven’t seen many, but this one definitely takes the cake! Not only that, but it’s obvious that this dress fits the brides style perfectly(she’s having an “art deco” wedding…awesome!).

Finally found my blue dream dress after lots of searching. Perfect for my art deco wedding in September and way under budget! from r/weddingplanning

Dress Designer/Shop: David’s Bridal

Dress Name: Unknown


The lace features of this dress are so unique! You don’t see this type of thick lace when it comes to wedding dresses, and I love that it gives a very vintage feel.

Thoughts? How could I style this? Is it too trendy? from r/weddingplanning

Dress Designer/Shop: Made With Love

Dress Name: Zylah

View dress on website!


My favorite features of this dress are the cherry blossom-like embroidery mixed with the simple skirt. I love mixed textures, and the contrast in textures with this dress are perfect! 

Said yes to the dress yesterday!! from r/weddingplanning

Dress Designer/Shop: Rime Arodaky

Dress Name: Blair Dress

View dress on website!


Found my dress today! I had a second appointment at another shop later but went ahead and cancelled that from r/weddingplanning

Dress Designer/Shop: Essence of Australia

Dress Name: Full A-Line Wedding Dress w/ Floral Details | Style #D2748

View dress on website!


Do you have a stunning wedding dress that you want to share? Post in it the comment section! Don’t forget to check out the wedding page– it’s packed with tips for planning, bridal parties, the big day, and of course…hair!

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