makeup-brush-powderWomen and men can play up their features using Son & Park makeup for a brighter and more youthful glow!

The trick is to use reliable products that have excellent pigmentation paired with creative color techniques. The vital part is customizing your look to fit your best assets instead of just following a generic makeup style.

Each person has different facial features- from the shape of the face, space of the forehead and jawline, to the size of the nose and the lips. Makeup is a great tool to play up your best facial features, but not all makeup suits all complexions. So, you have to choose the right shade, color, and brand of makeup for an everyday look or special occasion.

If you’re reluctant to try products because of mercury or lead, you should try a Korean cosmetics brand like Son & Park. Korean companies are very particular about the ingredients they put into their products! After all, you need to make sure your skin is safe from additives and parabens.

Play Up Your Features with Son & Park Makeup

Here are some of the best ways to play up your gorgeous features with makeup:


Peach Blossom Eyes

Do you find Korean women attractive? Maybe you’re captivated by their peach blossom eyes! The first makeup technique is creating peach blossom eyes. It’s an effect that gives the illusion that you have just cried. Koreans find that women look more beautiful when their makeup gives the illusion that they just cried. The after-cry effect is a quality that makes a woman seem more vulnerable and appealing in Korea.

SON & PARK - Eye Trailer Single - 12 Colors GLITTER #01 Peach Quartz

Achieve the Korean after-cry eye look by choosing the right eye beauty product. Eye Trailer can help achieve peach blossom eyes by having light pastel hues of pink around your eyes. Make sure that you blend the colors well to create the illusion that you’re not wearing makeup.

SON & PARK - Eye Trailer 1set


Highlighter Cube for Contouring

SON & PARK - Highlighter Cube 4mlContouring is a womans’ best friend! It reduces the size of your cheeks and it makes curves on parts of your face. Do you have a square face or a well-built jawline? You probably have problems minimizing your jawlines’ thickness. Luckily, highlighters are now available to soften the appearance of your jawline by contouring.

To reduce the broadness of the jawline- apply the contour in a rounded way. Use your Son & Park highlighter cube to soften the edges of your jawline, contour highlighting your forehead, the bridge of your nose, the center of your chin, and the tips of your cheekbones. Also, apply highlights where the sun or artificial light naturally hits your face by focusing on these high points and blending everything for a naturally radiant glow.

For a round face, you can accentuate your cheekbones and contour below them. Also, contouring along your forehead and pulling it down the temple on each side of the face are highly recommended. Use the highlighter cube to show off a natural dewy glow.


Achieve Puppy Eyes

The trendiest Korean eye look is puppy eyes. You can achieve it using a K-beauty eyeliner pencil from Son & Park, a brand made by two famous makeup artists in Korea. The primary purpose is to create an illusion of big, round, and innocent eyes.

Puppy eyeliner refers to a simple and clean take on eyeliner…giving your eyes a rounded and youthful appearance. It involves changing the direction of the flick. You drag your eyeliner down towards the cheek instead of upwards like in the traditional Western cat-eye eyeliner.


Long-lasting Lip Look

SON & PARK - Aqua Gel Tint Lip Cube - 5 Colors #20 Pink LaceKoreans love socializing and partaking a lot of food and drinks- which involve activities that could eventually wane the color of your lips. Part of playing up your look is making sure that your lips don’t get discolored in the middle of the day.

With Aqua Gel Tint Lip Cube, you can achieve a Korean Lip with long-lasting color. It doesn’t feel heavy at all- more like you’re wearing nothing!

You can also choose a creamy lip tint with a thicker consistency and more pigment. Korean lip tints have the most staying power for a long-lasting lip look!


Are you ready to play up your features with Son & Park Makeup?

Playing with your facial features is made possible with makeup. Korean makeup products are the latest trends, allowing you to achieve the right face contouring for a dewy look with puppy and peach blossom eyes. Also, having a long-lasting lip color gives you a stress-free everyday look! Use cosmetic products to have a radiant and glowing look everyday.

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