Most women don’t have the time or headspace to think about things like hair extensions. That was at least the case for me, even though I knew what they were and that they existed. I’d always just considered hair extensions as a thing for people with hair loss—not a beauty enhancer you might use for everyday wear. My perception changed when I realized that the celebrity hair that I coveted was actually achieved with hair extensions.


While I’m not a hair expert, I’d always held to the idea that with enough hair care, anyone can get their hair to look as gorgeous as celebrities. But as it turns out, the secret isn’t a hair mask or oil, but hair extensions. Those high-quality, Remy human hair extensions blend so naturally with your own hair that nobody will notice you’re even wearing them.


My Story


My hair isn’t too thick, and the length is decent – not too long, not too short. With hair like that, it can be tough to figure out a good hairstyle. Everything started when I wanted to find the perfect look for a dinner party I had coming up over the weekend. I thought to myself: What better time to try out hair extensions than now?


So, I decided to give it a shot to see if they worked. I mean, obviously, I’d prefer my own natural hair to become that great, but I’d already come to terms with the fact that it just wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. Extensions could make my hair look longer and add volume, and I’d be able to try out something other than just curling my hair and letting it lie over my shoulders.


I did some Google searches, and at first, I was a bit concerned as I read blog after blog about how damaging extensions were for hair, since they were glued or taped in. The relief came when I came across clip-in hair extensions from Zala. Apparently, you could just clip those in your hair whenever you want and take them out easily, and they wouldn’t damage your hair at all.


I was still a bit skeptical, but I was also super curious. Eventually, I ordered some clip-in hair human extensions online. (Human hair is a better choice than synthetic extensions because it blends better and looks natural.) After watching some YouTube videos, I managed to clip in and blend the extensions.



My Mistakes and What I Learned


But I had committed two mistakes! One, I hadn’t purchased enough extensions, so it looked like half my hair had grown out and half hadn’t. Second, I had bought all extensions of the same size. Even so, the thing that caught my attention was that they definitely looked real, and I was sure that by getting more extensions of varying lengths, I could further improve my look.


Plus, when I took them out later, I couldn’t feel any discernible difference between how my hair had been before and after (that was because there wasn’t any difference). Now more excited, I went and got some more clip-in extensions of different lengths.


Once I’d put them all in – the right amount and better blending with varying lengths, this time – I was amazed! My hair wasn’t bad on its own. I hadn’t really gotten very long extensions either (I didn’t want the change in length to be too obvious – just enough to be able to make it behave), but it was like my appearance had changed dramatically. It looked so full and beautiful, I didn’t want to ever take them off.


Since then, I’ve completely changed my view on hair extensions. I don’t wear them daily, but I do put them on for special occasions.


A Piece of Advice


I still think everyone should love themselves as they are, but having extensions isn’t a bad idea. Not everyone is born with beautiful, long, and thick hair, and if using extensions can make you feel better and more confident, why not use them? After all, we all use makeup, don’t we?


But remember to buy only the best clip-in hair extensions made of 100 percent human hair as they look entirely natural, blend well with your own hair, and last long. And, be sure to go to a stylist to put them in for you if you can’t do it yourself. Hair extensions may not be a life-changer, but they sure can transform your look!

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  1. I got curly hair clip ins and i am facing issues in finding curly hair products for the same.

  2. Loved the blog and it resonates so much with my experience of the clip in hair extensions and gave me alot more insight into it.

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