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I’ve been in the beauty industry since 2007 and dreamed of a career in cosmetology from the time I could brush my own hair. I love creating styles for my clients and inspiring others in the industry!

I started this blog because I believe everyone can love their hair & look amazing even when you’re not fresh out of the salon! I’ve noticed that many of my first time clients have misleading or false information about hair care or beauty do’s and don’ts. That’s why I strive to give you real information from a professional point of view. I will do my best to answer all of your beauty questions as well as provide several tools & tips on looking your best.


💋About me:



2008 | Virginia Beach, VA | First time meeting Winn Claybaugh & John Paul Dejoria of Paul Mitchell Systems!


💋I specialize in:

  • Foiling
  • Gray Blending
  • Dimensional Color
  • Natural Coloring
  • Upstyles/Updos
  • Razor Cutting
  • Balayage
  • Creative Cutting



2017 | Gloucester, VA | Redken Color Class at Ulta Beauty


💋Throughout my blog you will be able to find information on:

  • Finding your ideal Cut, Color, & Style
  • Everyday Hair & Makeup Tips
  • Video Tutorials for Hair & Makeup
  • Special Occasion Styles
  • Product Reviews & Comparisons
  • Monthly Giveaways
  • Information for everyone with all hair types


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Thank you for checking out my blog and I hope you enjoy it!


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Professional Hairstylist | American Board Certified Haircolorist | Makeup Artist | Beauty Blogger

26 Responses to About Me

  1. Priscilla Nieto says:

    I recently did some time at Paul Mitchell the School and am now moving States and transferring to a smaller school that uses Goldwell color. I plan on opening my own salon in the near future & was wondering if you had any recommendations for hair color usage & back bar shampoo/conditioner/treatments/styling products. I really enjoy Joico color which I have used on myself as well as Paul Mitchell Shampoos & Conditioners. Was wondering if you think a having different brands like that in my salon would be weird at all & if their are any other products you recommend. Thank you!

    • Erika says:

      I think you should keep the color line/shampoos down to 1-3 of your favorite brands(secondary color lines would be Pravana Vivids or other similar products that aren’t available in your main color line, for example).

      I like Pureology shampoos/conditioners/styling products and Alterna(those are my favorites). You may also want to carry It’s a 10 or Moroccanoil as well as Olaplex!

  2. Marcie Williams says:

    My hair is a natural brown, level 5, but a new growth of silver/gray lining about 1 inch framing my face. I have blonde beginning about 5-6 inches down the shaft and my hair is to my bra strap. I want to go back to a natural mocha brown, but do not want to pull red/ brassy tones. What do you recommend? Filler?

    • Erika says:

      I really need to see a photo of your hair to give the best advice(you can send me one via the contact me page…just message me and I will respond with e-mail).

      I don’t think you need a filler(that’s for going several shades darker from very blonde in most cases), but you may need 2-3 different formulas to be applied to the varying areas in order to get an even/natural result.

  3. Nenah says:

    Hello , I’m a natural dark brown color and recently just got my hair cut and all the old dead ombre off and was looking to dye my hair back all natural pretty brown and wanted to know the best solutions to buy and mixer/developers. for a natural pretty looking hair color I usually always get my hair done professionally but dying it just back all natural brown I think I could possibly do myself and save some cash!

    • Erika says:

      I would use a demi-permanent color so that it will grow out gracefully! That’s if you want to eventually just have your natural hair color with no artificial pigment.


  5. Loren says:

    Just wondering can I use standard 3% 10 vol developer with wella colour touch. It recommends on wella to use the wella emulsion developer only.
    Thank you!

  6. Rt says:

    I would like to know if mixing matrix color sync in one part 5n and 1/2 of 6 M + 1/2 of 4G will give me a golden medium brown. I usually use one part 5 n and one part 6 m I just wanted to add a touch more golden and dark.

  7. Mary Ann Manubag says:

    Hello Erika, thank you for this post. By the way, I used to go to a salon but recently due to pandemic, I have to ask my husband to color my hair for me. My hairdresser gave me the mix of redken fusion colors she has been using. I have pretty much gray hair at 44. The formula was 1/2 6NN, 1/4 6ab, 1/4 5N, ribbon of 6ag and 20 developer. May I know what “ribbon” means? Also is this a good mix to get a coverage of my gray? After application, I still see some part of my gray hair being not covered. Please advise if I need to change the mix or suggestion for better coverage. What can I use after coloring to keep tge lustre and shine. I used conditioner but seems it is different effect when you go to a salon. They mentioned gloss after application. Can you tell me please. I appreciate your help. Thank you.

    • Erika says:

      In my opinion, that color formula is a bit odd(even without seeing your hair I can tell you that I would never mix those colors for gray coverage). I used Redken hair color for several years and it’s great if used correctly!

      Do you know if she used Redken Color Fusion or Redken Cover Fusion? Just an FYI…you can use either one…but they shouldn’t be mixed together and the formula will not be the same. Color Fusion is their regular line and Cover Fusion is specifically for gray coverage.

      A “ribbon” is when you squeeze a little “line” of color into your mixture. Ribbons of a color are used when you need to add a little something, but you don’t want/need it to be an actual “part” of the formula. It may enhance the color, act as a filler, etc.

      Your formula:

      NN series should not be mixed with regular series colors- only other NN series(that’s why I asked about Cover Fusion because that line includes NN’s and other shades that can be intermixed).
      Your formula includes too many cool tones to properly cover very gray hair(that doesn’t mean that adding gold tones will result in a very warm color if it is done correctly). I would change it to 1/2 6N, 1/2 5NGb and 30 volume developer(you can use 20, but it doesn’t work as well with more resistant gray and would change the formula a bit).

      Enhancing your color:

      Did you get a gloss after your color, or did they just mention it to you? Are you only covering the regrowth? The “Redken way” of performing a gray coverage service is to color the regrowth with the permanent color formula and(if needed) apply the comparable demi-permanent(gloss) from the demarcation line to the ends. This refreshes your hair color without damaging it or getting an uneven color from applying the permanent formula on the previously colored hair.

      I don’t know what it is, but there’s something different about when your hair is done at the salon vs. at home. It just feels different! Maybe it’s the products or the process. Are you using pro shampoo and conditioner as well as pro products? If you aren’t, then that could be the difference.

      • Mary Ann M. says:

        Hi, thank you so much for a thorough reply. You are amazing. Thabk you for pointing out. I realized now that the mixture given to me by the salon were for cover fusion and not color fusion. As you noticed, I only have 6NN cover fusion and the other 3 colors were color fusion. Ugghh! By the way, they said they applied gloss. I have been wanting a slightly ash blonde effect to compliment my grays. How can I contact you? I would like to consult you about hair. Thank you for your input, those were helpful and informative.

  8. Jenna says:

    Hi, Can you help me please!! My hair started going grey at 17yrs old and I’ve been getting it coloured ever since. Over the years It’s had a few highlight to ending up near enough blonde and now full circle back to a very dark brown with no highlights. My hairdresser uses goldwell – colours 5NN & 4G but she wouldn’t tell me the ratio to mix so (wrong or right) I decided to chose just one colour 4N to get my desperately white roots covered during this Covid pandemic. I found the 4N a bit transparent and so mixed in a little 4NN for more intensity to the colour however I’m now finding my crown looks very dark and dense. Any suggestions on colour for my roots please that could take away a little of the harshness? I’m desperate, my hair is pretty much 100% grey now, I’m 40yrs old btw. Many, many thanks in advance:)

    • Erika says:

      The ratio is probably 1:1. The reason the 4N didn’t cover your grey is because you need the gold in the formula(you have to add warmth to the grey in order to cover it and get a natural, rich color). So, you want to mix equal parts of 4N and 5G and the developer is equal parts to the color.

      NN series are meant for grey coverage, but they are very neutral. I don’t know why your stylist mixes an NN instead of just an N…that’s not something I would do.

      You can’t use color to remove the harshness of the dark color. The best option in your situation are highlights to break it up and make your hair color appear more even/blended. I know that may not me something you feel comfortable doing on your own, but it is the best option.

  9. Elaine says:

    Hi there, I am a master colorist and use Redken as my brand of color, love the color love all the products. I can only say ,that I have been in a position where, I ran out of my color ,and had to go to Wallets to use the color. I was surprised they had some wells color which I also like alot . This color has been around for many years and I have always got good results. If you are a good hair colorist and secure in what you are doing, then I don’t see Wallets as a bad place to go.

    • Erika says:

      I don’t know what “Wallets” is(I’m in Virginia).

      The problem with non-professional hair color is that it is unreliable. The level systems are not always accurate and many of those lines don’t allow for creativity when it comes to intermixing. Another thing I don’t like is the consistency, which is just personal preference.

  10. Janelle says:

    Hello! I found your blog while researching cosmetology blogs for a college class of mine and I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your blog! I’m a cosmetologist myself (since 2008) and I think it’s great that you provide all this information to your clients and everyone. I also think you are super talented! Your updos are AMAZING – they were always my enemy. I look forward to reading more from you!

    • Erika says:

      Thanks so much! I’m working on a video series for how-to’s like updos and wedding styles…I break it down and make it super easy to do!

      Thanks for reading!♥

  11. bianca Romero says:

    Hi my name is Bianca, I would like to specialized in hair cuts can you please help me to choose where to take classes . Bianxa Hairstylist in Fl

    • Erika says:

      I went to Paul Mitchell, and although they have a great cutting system, it’s not my favorite. Paul Mitchell is great for learning the basics, but if you’re already good there, then you may want to try out a RUSK cutting class. RUSK cutting techniques are awesome and really changed the way I cut hair!

  12. Molly says:

    Hi! I recently came across your website and LOVE it! You are so knowledgeable!!
    I do not use much product or heat on my hair, and I have wavy hair. I am switching over to Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner, as I have been using Suave Professionals for the longest, but do you have any suggestions for a weekly hair mask or other product just to keep my hair healthy and protected?

    I hope to hear from you!

    Thanks so much!


    • Erika says:


      So sorry for the delay, somehow your comment went to my spam folder!

      You’re going to love Paul Mitchell! It’s an extensive line, so make sure you use the products that will work best with your hair. I can help you with that if you need it!

  13. Hi I was wondering if you have tried Monat and if not would you let me send you some samples so you could do a review on them 🙂

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