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My Experience With Clip-In Hair Extensions


Most women don’t have the time or headspace to think about things like hair extensions. That was at least the case for me, even though I knew what they were and that they existed. I’d always just considered hair extensions as a thing for people with hair loss—not a beauty enhancer you might […]

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How to Cope Without Your Nail Lady

The nail salons are temporarily closed for an undetermined amount of time because of COVID-19. Here’s how to cope without your nail lady!

First of all- stop worrying about how awful your nails look. Nobody gives a shit…really. We’re now in the “coping phase” of living without regular nail appointments, so don’t try to fix […]

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Are Full Bangs for Me?

Are full bangs for me? I get dozens of e-mails every week asking this very question. About 80% of those who ask me for advice on whether or not they should get bangs will do it even if I suggest that it probably won’t work out based on their hair type, styling routine, etc.

So, […]

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Should I Use Sally’s Hair Color?

You may be asking yourself…”Should I use Sally’s hair color?”…at least I hope you are.

The first step to not cultivating a huge hair color disaster for yourself is questioning yourself. Spontaneity is a wonderful thing, but when it comes to your hair…you owe yourself a little time to think on it!

Should […]

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How to Buy Professional Hair Dye

Are you wondering how to buy professional hair dye for your own at home use?

Well…you can’t. If you do find some online then it’s not coming from a reliable supplier.

Not only that, but if you’re not a hairstylist then you probably have no idea about what you’re doing.

This isn’t a “tricky” post […]

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Should Hair Extensions Tangle Easily?

I recently got an e-mail about hair extensions that I thought I should share with everyone.

Whether you use hair extensions occasionally, or have them professionally done they should be handled with care and properly maintained.


Some types of hair extensions need to be professionally maintained(usually about every 2-3 months).

So, if you go […]

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Why won’t color stay in my hair?

If you’re wondering why color won’t stay in your hair- you’re not alone!

I get a lot of e-mails and comments about making hair color last longer, so I thought I would share it with everyone.

Remember- not all hair color dilemmas are the same, so the perfect solution for one person may not work […]

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Perms with Highlighted Hair

Perms with highlighted hair are not generally recommended.

I usually suggest that clients choose one or the other. Either you get highlights/color, or you keep your hair natural and get a perm.

I know…wavy, highlighted hair looks so pretty! There are other ways to get it, even though they may not be permanent.

I would […]

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Switch From Box to Salon Color

Not sure about how to switch from box to salon color? It’s not the same for everyone, and I get a lot of messages about how it should be done.

Below is one example…please remember that specific advice for one person may not work for another…especially with hair color!


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How To Restore Damaged Hair

How To Restore Damaged Hair

Here’s a great Q & A from a reader about restoring damaged hair:

Hi Erika,

I was wondering if you have any tips on how to restore my damaged hair.

I usually get it done every 8 weeks by a professional.

My natural hair color is a dark […]

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