I decided to gather a list of FAQs that come up the most, both in the salon and on my blog! Hopefully these questions will explain the many mysteries in the beauty industry!

If you’ve got a burning question that’s not listed on this page please feel free to contact me and I will gladly add it!



💋Skin & Nails

💋Hair Removal








Color & Chemicals

Should I use a box from the drugstore to color my hair?

What’s the difference between salon color and box color?

Should I get a perm if I’m growing out old color and would like to continue coloring….even if it’s not permanent?

Styles & Styling

How can I blow-dry my hair like my stylist?

Damage & Repair

Is my hair too damaged to repair it?

Will a box color damage my hair?



What are the best makeup brands for everyday use?

What can I do to help my makeup stay all day long?

I’ve tried so many mascaras and none of them are really great…what are the best mascara brands?

Is there a good moisturizer that will keep my skin looking fresh under my makeup?



💋Skin & Nails

Are there any risks to getting a pedicure at a quickie nail salon?

How do I give myself a manicure and pedicure at home?

How can I make my skin look healthier if products and prescriptions won’t work?


💋Hair Removal








Is there a good mousse that won’t make my hair feel sticky and will hold all day?

Color & Chemically Treated

My hair is dry and damaged from coloring it…how can I protect it and prevent further damage?

I love having blonde hair, but it turns orange-ish and looks dry…help!

Damage & Repair

I have really bad split ends…what can I do to make it healthier?

I need to use a deep conditioner, but my hair gets oily easily….what are my options?

Hair Type

My hair gets oily during the day…what can I do to look fresh for at least 24 hours?


What are the best hair products to use during summer?

What are the best products to use during winter?




The Bride

What will I need on my wedding day, and is there an emergency kit to make sure everything goes smoothly?


What are my responsibilities as a bridesmaid, and what should I bring for the big day?

The Day

What are my options for having my bridal parties hair and makeup done the day of the wedding?


The Look

How do I choose a hairstyle that will look great and last through the wedding and reception?

I can’t decide which look to go for…can I mix and match or should I stick with a theme?



Casual Attire

Evening Styles

How do I choose accessories to go with my evening gown or prom dress?

Working Classy




Teeth Whitening

Apps & Tech



If you have a question that isn’t answered here please feel free to contact me to have it added to the list!  You’ll get the answer you’ve been looking for and help out others with the same questions!

Hair Makeup Beauty FAQ


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