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You can never learn enough, and luckily our industry has something to offer no matter where you live or what time of year! If you’re feeling stale maybe it’s time to take a new class and broaden your horizons! There are also lots of events nationwide like the Energizing Summit in LA or the International Beauty Show in NY!

I always try to remind myself that clients like change every now and then. Without education we can easily get complacent and lose our creative passion when we need it most! If you don’t strive to constantly improve then your clients might find someone who does. Click here for a calendar of beauty industry events from Beauty Schools Directory!


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💋Educational Events



💋Classes for Hairstylists

💋Classes for Makeup Artists

💋Classes for Nail Technicians

💋Classes for Estheticians


I’ve always felt that continuing education adds even more value for my clients. If I’m constantly improving and keeping up with new trends then my clients will be happy to pay a little more when I increase my prices.

If not, then why would they pay more?





2017: March 12-14!

I am constantly hearing about new hair shows and educational events so keep a look out for new additions to the list! If you’ve had a great experience at an industry event please share in the comment section!

To search for education and events click here for Modern Salon’s calendar! You can also view a calendar of shows and events from here.






💋International Shows:



There are so many companies that offer great classes for cosmetologists across the U.S. that I can’t list them all! Hopefully this will give you a great start and you’ll be on your way to learning new things! To search for classes coming up in your area click here!












💋Skin Care:



Natural Curls Tips, Tricks, & Solutions by Redkens Education Artistic Director!

Let’s not forget that we’re in the age of technology and online classes are popping up everywhere!  Webinars are often free, offered anytime, interactive, and you can find one on anything!

💋 Webinars

Only $19.95 each and you get a certificate of completion! They offer the following categories: Color, Cutting, Styling, & Business for Cosmetologists!

💋Modern Online Classes

Basic, Intermediate, & Advanced classes on cutting, coloring, styling, & more! Pay per class or get access to the entire catalog. Discounts are available for salon owners & groups!

💋Request a Webinar

Are you looking for a video tutorial or webinar online, but can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Request a webinar from me and it will go live within 48 hours after I respond to your message!

*All webinar topic requests must be approved. Not all webinars will go live(ex: repeat topics, irrelevant content, etc.).

💋Host a Webinar

Do you enjoy sharing your tutorials, but want more exposure? Send me a message today to host a webinar on Confessions of a Cosmetologist! Please make sure your information is correct and leave a detailed message about your webinar topic.

*All webinar host requests must be approved. Serious inquiries only. You should have credentials and experience in the category you choose.


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