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My Experience With Clip-In Hair Extensions


Most women don’t have the time or headspace to think about things like hair extensions. That was at least the case for me, even though I knew what they were and that they existed. I’d always just considered hair extensions as a thing for people with hair loss—not a beauty enhancer you might […]

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How to Go Darker

If you want to color your hair(or your clients’ hair) a darker level it’s important that you know the rules of how to go darker before you get started.

Formulating for a darker hair color will be different depending on the current level and how light the hair is.

There are several different situations to […]

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How to Make a Wig

Over the years, wigs have gradually become very popular and widely used because of their magical way of instantly changing the appearance of females around the world. Their wide acceptance is also due to their style versatility, allowing people put on various hairstyles, whether wavy or curly, fast and easy. These days, wigs come in […]

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Bleach and Heat

This post was originally intended for professionals, and has been viewable only to subscribers that were verified as licensed cosmetologists or cosmetology students since May 2013.

I decided to unlock this content because our clients can benefit from this information too!

Bleach and heat…the never-ending controversy among stylists nationwide. We all have […]

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Sugarbearhair Vitamins

A few months ago I started taking Sugarbearhair vitamins because I injured my thumbnail and I knew the vitamins would help it grow back faster. I knew they would help my skin and nails, but I wasn’t really thinking about what hair vitamins would do for […]

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5 Tips to Improve Your Hair

Looking after your hair requires care, attention, and some handy hints too! Once you’ve got a plan you can support the overall health of your locks and keep them looking at their glossy best.

From tea tree oil benefits for hair to visiting your salon on a regular basis, these five […]

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Pony-O Hair Accessories

I first saw Pony-O Hair Accessories in an advertisement on Instagram. Of course, I clicked on it! I don’t usually pay attention to ads, but I was very intrigued. I didn’t think I’d actually end up ordering the product, but I did! So here’s my review of Pony-O Hair Accessories…and I didn’t get paid for […]

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Prom Hair

Prom hair is a big deal and you want everything to go as planned, so make sure you choose a reputable stylist before booking your hair appointment. If you don’t know someone…you can search on Instagram using hashtags and your location.

Or…if you live near a Bubbles Salon…you can book an appointment online here for […]

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Negative Side to Bangs

I’m writing about the negative side to bangs because it’s been a popular search topic on my website and I think these are great points to consider if you’re “on the fence” about getting bangs.

Here are some other great posts about bangs:

To Bang or Not To Bang? Bangs and Your Face […]

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January Product Reviews

We just had a round robin training for the Southern VA district Ulta Beauty Salon Managers at my store and it was awesome! That’s where these January product reviews came from….we got so much information and some great product demos that I’m super excited to share with everyone!

Featured this month are products from Living […]

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