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Play Up Your Features with Son & Park Makeup

Women and men can play up their features using Son & Park makeup for a brighter and more youthful glow!

The trick is to use reliable products that have excellent pigmentation paired with creative color techniques. The vital part is customizing your look to fit your best assets instead of just following a generic makeup […]

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Counterfeit Cosmetics

I recently saw an episode in a docuseries on Netflix that exposes the dangers of counterfeit cosmetics, and I was shocked at just how bad some of them are.

Don’t let yourself be a victim- use common sense and be careful of where you shop!

I don’t know why counterfeit hair products aren’t being exposed […]

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Hoola Lite Bronzer

Finally! Benefit Cosmetics has launched Hoola Lite Bronzer! The original Hoola bronzing powder has been a favorite of mine for several years, but I don’t tan as much as I used to so I stopped wearing it(except for summertime).

Hoola Lite is perfect for those of you who have lighter complexions, but still want to […]

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January Product Reviews

We just had a round robin training for the Southern VA district Ulta Beauty Salon Managers at my store and it was awesome! That’s where these January product reviews came from….we got so much information and some great product demos that I’m super excited to share with everyone!

Featured this month are products from Living […]

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Best of NYX Cosmetics

Do you love NYX makeup? It’s affordable, offers a ridiculous amount of shades, and they have some great alternatives to prestige makeup brands. In this post you’ll discover the best of NYX Cosmetics along with affordable must-haves to compliment your look!

For more of the Best of NYX Cosmetics follow @ultabeauty on instagram! You’ll be […]

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Vintage Makeup

Vintage makeup is hot right now and these products from Bésame Cosmetics are at the top of my list! You’ll love their classic shades and vintage-inspired designs!

Newbies to vintage makeup may want to invest in a guide like Style Me Vintage or Vintage Makeup: A Style Guide […]

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10 Money Saving Makeup Hacks

If you have an uncontrollable makeup obsession like I do…then you know how expensive it is! Some of you may settle for the less expensive drugstore brands, but once you try prestige makeup you just can’t go back. That’s why I’m sharing 10 money saving makeup hacks from Ogle School!

If […]

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Snapchat Filter Makeup Tutorials

Snapchat filters have taken over…literally. When my contact at Ogle Schools sent me this infographic I knew I had to share it! These Snapchat filter makeup tutorials are hilarious and they just might come in handy sometime!

“I’ll just snap it to you”

A little sidebar…I’m fairly new to Snapchat and I still […]

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Tarte Tape Concealer

Everyone’s been looking for the new Tarte tape concealer, so I decided to check it out. We’ve had lots of people calling Ulta lately to see if we have this magical tape concealer in stock, but they aren’t surprised when I tell them we’re sold out.

Right now, we’re not even getting […]

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Best Mascara Remover

Most of my “best of” posts include my favorite products from a specific category, like- Best Waterproof MakeupBest Root Boosters, Best Hairsprays, Top 5 Best Moisturizers, Top 10 Summer Products, and The Best Makeup Kit From Your Favorite Brands. This time […]

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