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The most recent posts on PRODUCT REVIEWS by Confessions of a Cosmetologist! You’ll find advice from a pro on the best and worst products, new brands to try, and more!

Professional Skincare vs. Drugstore Brands

Several years ago I compared professional hair products to drugstore brands, and I just wrote a post about pro and generic makeup brands. I don’t write a lot about skincare, but I couldn’t leave it out of the product comparisons series!

Just as I mentioned in the makeup brands post- I haven’t always […]

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Sugarbearhair Vitamins

A few months ago I started taking Sugarbearhair vitamins because I injured my thumbnail and I knew the vitamins would help it grow back faster. I knew they would help my skin and nails, but I wasn’t really thinking about what hair vitamins would do for […]

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Pony-O Hair Accessories

I first saw Pony-O Hair Accessories in an advertisement on Instagram. Of course, I clicked on it! I don’t usually pay attention to ads, but I was very intrigued. I didn’t think I’d actually end up ordering the product, but I did! So here’s my review of Pony-O Hair Accessories…and I didn’t get paid for […]

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February Product Reviews

This month my Julep Maven box and gratis products from Ulta Beauty happened to be perfect for Valentine’s Day! These featured February product reviews are some new and old favorites….as well as a few just released products.

I also tried some other products this month that are new to me, but not necessarily new to the beauty […]

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January Product Reviews

We just had a round robin training for the Southern VA district Ulta Beauty Salon Managers at my store and it was awesome! That’s where these January product reviews came from….we got so much information and some great product demos that I’m super excited to share with everyone!

Featured this month are products from Living […]

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Dyson Hair Dryer

The Dyson hair dryer was among one of the most requested items by shoppers at Ulta Beauty this year. Of course, people were shopping for makeup and skin care products, but I’m in the salon so I get a lot of questions about hair tools and products.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t women who were stopping by […]

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Julep Matte Lip Mousse

So far…Julep Matte Lip Mousse is my absolute favorite matte lip color!

I’ve always been a big fan of lip tints and sheer glosses, but it’s so hard to find something that’s not too shiny/sticky. I know…you’re thinking that lipstick is the answer…but it’s not. I don’t enjoy wearing lipstick(maybe it’s the taste or the […]

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