Moroccan Oil Treatment ProductsMany of you aren’t sure about which products to use or why you need them.

I have clients with cabinets full of products they don’t use and I also know some that don’t even own any. Which, in my opinion, is insane!

Who can live without products?

If you’re someone that doesn’t use them, but is never satisfied with how your hair looks…this information is for you! Also, if you use products but your hair is too greasy or weighed down I can help you find something that will do the job without the fuss.

Damage comes in many forms such as overexposure to sunlight, excessive use of heated tools(especially without using heat protectants), and improper color application… just to name a few.

Many people don’t realize that flat ironing everyday and going outside for extended periods of time without protecting your hair can be just as damaging as box color or highlighting. Please, don’t take this literally! Using your blow dryer will not make your hair break off in the way that a bad highlight will.

If you take the proper precautions and use a product as simple as a leave-in-conditioner, that’s much better than nothing!

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