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Winter Foot Care

We’re all guilty of letting some things go over the winter months, and our feet are often the first thing to go! Winter foot care is just as important as our summer routines- not only because of temperature changes causing dryness, but also the fact that it’s going to be a lot easier to rock […]

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Skincare Comparison Charts

It can be a little confusing when you’re trying to find the perfect brand of skincare or start a new skincare regimen.

My skincare comparison charts will help you narrow it down and hopefully find the best products for your skin!

There are two charts below- one for professional skincare products and one for generic/drugstore […]

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Professional Skincare vs. Drugstore Brands

Several years ago I compared professional hair products to drugstore brands, and I just wrote a post about pro and generic makeup brands. I don’t write a lot about skincare, but I couldn’t leave it out of the product comparisons series!

Just as I mentioned in the makeup brands post- I haven’t always […]

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3 Tips for Healthier Skin This Winter

Freshly fallen snow may be pretty to look at, but the winter weather can certainly wreak havoc on our skin. Blistering cold conditions can make skin dry, itchy, and just plain irritated.

The good news is, there are a few precautions you can take in order to protect your skin in the coming months. In […]

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Nail Color on Girls

What nail polish is Marnie wearing in Episode 1, Season 6 of Girls on HBO? Typically, I’m not paying attention to nail color on girls but this shade just popped!

I feel like it’s going to be a hit for summer 2017, so get ahead of the trend and rock this beautiful vibrant pink shade.


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Skin Care Treatments

We all have something in common when it comes to our skin. All of us want to look our best. The skincare industry is thriving as we all make attempts to have more radiant skin, to refine wrinkles, and to ultimately look younger. With so much product and so many skin care treatments, it is […]

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Sweet Tea & Lemon Peel-Off Mask

I’ve been using this sweet tea & lemon peel-off mask once per week for about 3 weeks as of today.

I choose one of my days off and apply it in the morning while I’m writing or working on my website. I encourage everyone to “loosely plan” the little extras in their lives because […]

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Eyebrows That Wow

I thought my eyebrows were good…until today. So, this is kind of a follow up from my past post- Perfect Eyebrows 101! After you read this check out this eyebrow color matching guide for eyebrows that wow!

Today our Benefit Arch Expert needed a “guinea pig” for an eyebrow appointment. […]

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Free 5-Piece Beauty Gift Offer

Last Chance: Free 5-Piece “Cue in the Color” Beauty Gift when you join Julep!

Get in the mood for sunshine with this bright Cue in the Color 5-Piece Beauty Gift ($78 value) – FREE when you join Julep and pay for your first month ($24.99). […]

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