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How to Make a Wig

Over the years, wigs have gradually become very popular and widely used because of their magical way of instantly changing the appearance of females around the world. Their wide acceptance is also due to their style versatility, allowing people put on various hairstyles, whether wavy or curly, fast and easy. These days, wigs come in […]

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DIY Bridesmaids Box Photo Tutorial

This DIY Bridesmaids Box Photo Tutorial is an extension of my recent post about making your own bridesmaids boxes. I realized that I had so much to share and it was a little overwhelming! So…here’s a more simple and condensed version of how to make your own DIY bridesmaids boxes!

If you want to know […]

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Snapchat Filter Makeup Tutorials

Snapchat filters have taken over…literally. When my contact at Ogle Schools sent me this infographic I knew I had to share it! These Snapchat filter makeup tutorials are hilarious and they just might come in handy sometime!

“I’ll just snap it to you”

A little sidebar…I’m fairly new to Snapchat and I still […]

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How to Shape Your Eyebrows

If you’re not sure how to shape your eyebrows then you should probably brush up on some tips before you think about doing anything drastic! No matter what I say I know that some people will go a little too far, or skip a step and it will turn into a complete disaster.

So…here are […]

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How to Style Naturally Curly Hair

Do you need some tips on how to style naturally curly hair? The first thing you need to do is love your hair the way it is! If you’ve already got that covered….the rest is simple! I came across this post from Ogle Schools and just had to share. They give some […]

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How to Cut Your Bangs

How to cut your bangs is one of the top ten most searched topics on my blog. I have clients that cut their own bangs and some that wouldn’t dare try, so I understand that everyone won’t just “leave it to the pros”. Before you start snipping you might want to read

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Soft Waves Hair Tutorial

I love this soft waves hair tutorial from the small things blog!

Wavy hair is all the rage…now, and always! Everyone loves wavy hair, but if you don’t have it naturally then it can be hard to master the look.

Simply curling your hair won’t do the trick, and flat iron ribbons can […]

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